Nearly Caught My Death

I saw a man

And he saw me

His eyes could kill

I had to flee

Was nearly home

Thought I was free

But blinding lights

I could not see

The truck passed by

I flipped him, gee

He slammed his breaks

Hard as can be

One inch from death

I need whiskey

To calm me down


Seriously! This just happened. I am sooooo stupid. I had a craving and thought, well, December is my free zone where I can eat what I want so why not go to Schlotsky’s and get my favorite pizza in the world (their chicken pesto pizza just rocks my socks off!) and as I drive away, this dude is standing there, alone, with killing in his eyes. He saw me see him and I drove away as quickly as I could without seeming suspicious.  Yikes.

I think I’ve made it home free and I turn on my road and this jerk in a truck pulls in behind me with his brights! Honestly, when he braked right in front of me (and I know he could not see me flip him off because it’s dark as death out there, but yes, I know I should not have done it. Anyway….) I thought he was going to get out of his truck and shoot my sorry a**. Scared the bejibbers out of me.

Next time I have a craving, I will tell myself to bite me. I will find something in the house.  Honey, I’m lucky to be aliiiiive. Maybe it sounds a little dramatic but it was really scary and my heart is still racing. Time for a little firenog (eggnog and Fireball). Fireball is cinnamon whiskey and I’m not a big whiskey drinker but it’s pretty nice mixed with eggnog. Mmmmmm…





Living in Such a Way

It’s about living your life every day
And living in such a way
That you make a difference with the small things
You assist with what the universe brings
Pay attention

Life is not just about looking for your one big purpose
It’s about living in the moment and being of service
There are people around that need a helping hand
It doesn’t have to be a gesture that’s so beyond grand
It could be so small

Helping someone pick up something that they dropped
Buying someone’s coffee behind you while you’re stopped
Paying a few bucks for the person behind you at the drive thru
Keep your eyes open for what you can do

The universe will reward you
But don’t do it just because it’s the right thing to do
Do it because you want to



Hallie asked me yesterday where I get my inspiration from. Let me know if you’d be interested in my sharing this with you. I suppose it could be helpful to other creatives out there.

This one was inspired by watching Kevin Probably Saves the World. It comes on Tuesday nights, though they are on a holiday break till Jan 2 – best show on tv and Jason Ritter is the only person who could have done this role justice. I was watching it on the DVR tonight and it was something Kevin said that struck a chord with me. He said (and I paraphrase),

“It’s not about looking to do a grand gesture. It’s about each moment. It’s about helping someone out. The small things. Not because you know it’s the right thing but because you want to.”

I’m telling you right now, I cry with each episode. Not because it’s sad because it’s not sad. It’s heartwarming and I think if everyone watched it, the world would be a better, more peaceful place. I’m just sayin’…

The Countdown is On!

20 days to go till the January challenge begins!!

LIVING A PLANT-BASED DIET for 30-31+ days!!

I will probably lose some weight, maybe lose some bad eating habits (I admit… I’m Carol and I am a junk food junkie), and hopefully not lose my mind during this very challenging,,, well, challenge.

Dec 15-26 cut back to 1 cup coffee per day
Dec 27-31 no more coffee, no more wine or cheese or milk
OR should I make it harder on myself and start ‘cold turkey’ on Jan 1 since that’s when it officially begins?

You be the judge. I’ll go with the majority.

She Chose Her Life

She dances in the rain
And doesn’t care who sees
She never claims to be sane
She’s as free as can be

Doesn’t care what they say
Couldn’t care less ’bout that
She made herself this way
Gossipers she winks at

She lives on her own terms
She knows she gets one dance
The happiness is hers
If she decides the chance

Joy is a choice she made
Not life by circumstance
But choosing her own road
The world is her expanse



Hallie asked me today where I get my inspiration from. Let me know if you’d be interested in my sharing this with you. I suppose it could be helpful to other creatives out there.

So today’s was the first line She dances in the rain. It just popped into my head so I typed it in. Then I wondered ‘why did she dance in the rain? What caused her to dance in the rain?’ I just started jotting down more words until, finally, I had it all. Just the first line and I went with it…

Review of Oui French Style Yogurt by Yoplait

Hey guys! Just a quick review while I’m eating it for lunch and it’s on my mind. You know how ADD I am so I figured I’d get ‘er done…

I purchased the blueberry flavored Oui French style yogurt. I was afraid it would have that yogurt twang that I’m super NOT fond of, but it doesn’t have the twang, thank goodness. The flavor is nice but the thickness is comparable to Greek yogurt consistency, which I’m not fond of.

So far, number 1 on my list, as far as yogurt, is the Activia. Peach, Blueberry and Black Cherry are the best, in my opinion. The consistency is light and juicy, not pasty, and no yogurt twang. Tastes like fruity pudding and I love it!! And it’s good for you. Oh, plus the Activia is less expensive than the Oui, possibly because Oui is presented in a glass jar, whereas Activia is in a plastic container, which makes no diff to me. I like to save a buck, myself, but, it’s more than just price – I’m mostly after the flavor and consistency.

Although, upon starting my plant-based diet January 1, I will not be allowed yogurt, so I’m living it up for the rest (or most) of December.

So, still, Activia receives 5 stars.

Oui receives 3 stars.

Christmas in Mississippi

The sun rises over the Mississippi
Diamonds dance upon the waters
Glowing embers mesmerize
Time spent with sons and daughters

Crackling of wood burning
Bonfires and s’mores
Warm wooly mittens
Decorating chores

Red cheeks and noses
Spiced cider and hot cocoa
Yesterday’s snowmen melting away
Christmas tree lights twinkling in the window

Packages arriving
Gifts being wrapped with special care
Families and friends laughing
Wagging tails and joy-filled eyes everywhere

Treats on the table and the stockings
And hearts filled with connection and love
Everyone filled with gratitude
For everything we’ve received from above


My Buddy

Living in my shadow

This large fluff-ball of joy

Holds such love in his eyes

A precious little boy

Sweet kisses on my chin

Brings me his special toy

So we play tug of war

My dog I soooooo enjoy