Journey From Self to Soul


I’ve been across the great divide

A journey from self to soul

Much I’ve learned but cannot decide

The single thing that made me whole


At once I believed I had peaked

Would the rest be all downhill?

The incline was rigid and steep

Reaching the top, I just stood still


I had been blind to my own trail

Couldn’t see beyond the rocks

Couldn’t see through the clouded veil

Couldn’t see past self cast blocks


Standing there, I took in the air

Juniper sweet and setting sun

A larger mountain and a prayer

My journey had only begun


I struggled through the entire climb

More focused on resulting end

Thinking at the top, I’d win the prize

Instead it’s where I begin


Letting go of a place to get to

New purpose to connect each day

Joy be found in the walk and view

And souls embraced bar the way

Rain Like Shards of Glass

p11 - castle rock 1

Tears blow angrily
Against drunken Castle Rock
Shaken but not stirred


The cork busted loose
Drenching steady Castle Rock
Like New Year’s Champagne

or (still not sold)

Rain like shards of glass
Pierced the crust of Castle Rock
All ran for cover

Which one do you like the best or none? I was searching and searching and searching for inspiration. Won’t you join us in today’s Poetry challenge through the Daily Post?  Today, it’s Water in the form of a Haiku with the device of a Simile.

Winter Lawn

p5 - winter lawn 2And here’s another from 2012.  “Winter Lawn” for another entry into the Weather challenge.  Oh so wish it would snow again.  February is our last chance for it.  How I adore a winter wonderland and building snowman memories with my daughter.

Frosted Fingers

frosted fingers 02/12/2010 I realize it’s been a while since I participated in a photo challenge but felt it was high time I get back in the show. Some of you will remember this one before but others may not have seen it and feel it’s a good one for this week’s challenge of “Weather.”

This was taken in my back yard in 2012.  Hope you like it.  You may know I have a thing for trees.  I also have a thing for snow.  Absolutely LOVES it!  ;)  At 25 degrees this cold winter morning, it feels like a nice chance for snow.  Just walked Buddy and the lawn met us with a blanket of ice crystals.  Lovely in the moonlight.

Rambling or Poetry?

This is a Writing 101 challenge “Unlock the Mind” presented by The Daily Post.  I actually found the prompt on my friend’s page.

Idea:  To get started, let’s loosen up.  Let’s unlock the mind.  Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write.  Just write.

Keep typing (or scribbling, if you prefer to hand-write for this exercise) until your twenty minutes are up.  It doesn’t matter if what you write is incomplete, or nonsense, or not worthy of the “Publish” button.

And for your first twist?  Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

Ready?  And.  Go!


Icy long fingers motion to me
Come listen she asks to my story
Cannot fight her the power’s too great
Entranced by her beauty she haunts me

Ghostly whispers from out snowy lips
She planted her roots here long ago
Long after her death she still remains
She’ll never allow herself to go

Smoke and fire light and screams on the wind
Emanate from lost forgotten souls
Sisters brothers who’ve now been removed
Haunt her from atop the grassy knoll

Sadness sickens her and seasons pass
Tortured as north winds grow ever cold
Her hair blowing on blistering wind
Sap stained tears flow as her story’s told

Deep lines left behind by days grown old
Leaving marks on her beautiful gray
They only add to her mystery
Wrinkles steal none her beauty away

Laughter and love and then be forgot
Wondering if her birth was for naught
What many things she tried to have taught
Then she remembers the children and these

The dance and sway and play in the breeze
The jump and laugh and fall in her leaves
The bend and sing in the wint’ry air
Enjoying the wind brush her long gray hair

The sadness of her family gone
Seasons pass by and now Fall has come
She senses the spirits of some anew
New young saplings to enjoy the view

frosted fingers 02/12/2010

Words – 224

Okay, so the truth? It did take me 20 minutes to write this, initially. Then, like the stubborn person I am, I spent 5-10 minutes changing it and then 2 more minutes hunting the picture I was thinking about as I wrote it. Still, not perfect and I would like to change more of it but this is my basic 20-30 minute thought pattern. :)

So, what did y’all come up with? Holla! *smooch*