Happy for Answered Prayers & Showers of Blessings



Good morning, sweeeeeeeeeet neighbors!!!!  Shweeeet friends!  Happy Thankful Thursday to you and I do hope you have much to be thankful for.

I will spare you the million and one things I usually name that I’m thankful for but I’ll always be adding family as that is my number 1, and my sweet friends out there like you, which are part of my number 1.  And God and Jesus that are not only part of my number 1, but part of everything I am and do.  I’m far from perfect, sooooo far, but I try hard every day to make them glad at me.  I use that phrase ‘glad at me’ as my daughter, Hallie, asked me that once when she was about 3 and I’ve never forgotten that sweet question from that precious baby, “Mama, are you glad at me?”  Oof, I’m missing her like crazy right now.  Wish I could squeeze her, but alas, she’s at school, so I have to wait till 3.  ;)

Have you ever stepped waaaaay outside your comfort zone and tried something you could never see yourself doing?  Have I told y’all about my video project?  I have been a little hushed about details as I feel talking about it beforehand sort of jinxes myself.  Perhaps that sounds odd.  I just like to be taking action doing the thing and have some sort of flow going or even be finished with a certain amount of steps before I mention.  But since I did get my first major step completed, I’ll talk a little about it.

I had a vision last year for this project.  It just popped into my little imagination.  It was so clear.  Life gets in the way and all that and it got pushed to a back burner to simmer for a while.  Well, it’s been simmering for a year and certain things came into play within the last 2 months that told me I need to get my rear in gear on this project.

I asked God, “If you want me to do this thing, please show me the way.  I cannot work 46-56 hours a week and do the project, but I do need to pay my bills, so please don’t take away any clients.”

The very next week, my biggest client cut my hours, as she needed to stay closer to her budget.  Nothing too threatening but just enough to allow me to still pay my bills (barely) and have time to go out and engage with people.  A beloved friend donated an awesome video camera for the project – a very generous donation.  Other great friends were praying for me and the project, the questions I’d ask, the interviews, the confidence, calmness, soothing of my anxiety, ’cause I was so sure I was either gonna faint or get sick.  So many amazing people believe in me and this project and it made such a difference in my taking action.  I have to say, I got close to chickening out, because of my fear and lack of confidence but I asked myself, “Do you just want to stay shut up in that house every day?  I mean, writing is awesome and it’s one of your dreams and it’s fantastic but this is a great vision, too.  What if something comes of all this?  What if people actually like it?  What if you can relate to these people on a deeper level and really connect with people?  What if people watching and listening to their stories realize they’re not so alone? What if I can (only as a go between) actually shrink the planet through connections and stories?  How cool would that be?  You can always get back to writing after you have this project up and running smoothly.”

So after 1, 2, 3, 4 rejections, I finally got a yes, and while I was interviewing this sweet person, I received several lookers-on also express interest so I’ll be going back to get more interviews!  What a wonderful interview that was yesterday!  What a wonderful lady I talked with, so deep, so compassionate, so thoughtful.  I feel like I have a bit more faith in humanity.  I feel a bit more positive about people.  I had so many great conversations with these several people yesterday and my jitters were put to rest.  So crazy, right?  I made some new friends, and this project is starting to take flight!

Now to spend the time I need editing.  But at least I have done a bit and have my feet good and wet so I know better about what I’m doing.  I cannot wait to get the videos loaded so I can share them with you guys!!!  Won’t be long now!


OH, and I’m thankful Hallie had a wonderful Sweet 16 in New Orleans.  I took her and Mama and one of Hallie’s best friends (which I also consider a daughter), Sierra, and we all had a fabulous time.  Hadn’t been in years and it’s only 2.5 hours away!  We walked and walked for miles, all day and night.  I cannot believe my baby is 16.  *sniff*

I love you guys!  xoxo

What are you thankful for today?  What great things have been going on in your life this week?


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Jumping With Joy


Sorry, I believe I missed last week, but today is Thankful Thursday for this week, so without further ado…

I am soooo stinkin’ thankful!  Thankful for everything!  For my family.  My wonderful daughter on this #NationalDaughtersDay and every day.  My beautiful mother.  Friends that I love and love me back.  Sweet true friends that my daughter has that believe in her and lift her up.  For my generous, loving Jesus.  For my forgiving, faithful God.  For working from home with work and clients I adore.  For this new adventure I’m starting.  For words.  For film.  For good health.  For laughter.  For music.  Cooler weather.  Changing seasons and the color of leaves in the Fall.  For our home and land.  Our furballs that make life fun and funny.  Wonderful food.  Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Wine and cheese.  Chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.  Road trips to our favorite places and adventures to new ones.  Mountains.  Hiking.  Baking.  Cooking.  Photography.  Writing.  The sunrise.  Sunsets.  Babies.

Ah, life is sooo good!

I’m not jumping for joy, as if joy is something I can grab out of the air, somehow out of reach, up there above me.  I’m jumping with joy.  I’m filled with joy, with happiness.  I’m so filled with joy, I can’t help but jump with gladness.

I know there’s so many more blessings I can count but I’m livin’ by a schedule – ain’t got all day!  ;)

Y’all have a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, prosperous, fun, humorous, thankful and fabulous Friday Eve!  May God bless you and your families!

Love ya!  *smooch*  xoxo

What are you thankful for on this Thankful Thursday?



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Fighting to find Thankfulness


Okay, so here we go with Thankful Thursday again.  I actually found a lot this morning to be thankful for.  Then, I took my car to the shop since it’s been parked for about 2 months, because of a scratching sound, to find out I need a new drive shaft or something dealing with the back end of my car – I can’t repeat all the lingo.  $1100 to $1200.  I don’t have that money laying around.  I mean, honestly, I’m a divorced/single mom of a busy teen, paying for half of academy tuition (thank you, ex-hub), paying all the bills, etc. and now I have to come up with that.

Well, all the ex-friends of the family thing and all of that issue finally simmered down and is chill now.  Thank you, God.  Yes, I’m angry with You, but I’m still thanking You, because that was a rough situation for the fam.  Well, one family member in particular but when you mess with one, you mess with us all.

Now this.  So I brought the car back home.  Thank God that Hallie has a little 2-person truck we can use till I can save up enough to fix it.  It’s just one thing after the other.  So now I just want to cry.  I’m tired and I’m stressing and depressing and angry and sad.  Tears might make me feel better.  I’m out of wine.  *sniff*

Still, this is about being thankful.  So, even though I’m a bit irritated with God, I will exercise my thankfulness, because as we all know, it can be heaps worse, and if we look for the good in the situations, we can most assuredly find some positives.

I’m thankful we can use Hallie’s truck to get her to school and home and youth group and everywhere else I need to get her off to.  I’m thankful we can use Mama’s car to go get groceries (she’s right next door).  I’m thankful we have a home and land and good school for Hallie to go to.  I’m thankful for our good health.  For people who are actually our friends and love us and defend us and the truth.  For Jesus.  For Hallie.  For Mama.  Friends.  Writing.  Working from home.  For living my dream (or part of my dream).  For all my dreams to be answered but one, which is a ton!  For having amazing, awesome clients, who I love and adore and I love the work I do, which doesn’t even feel like work.  I know I’m blessed.

So now I realize how much I have instead of how much I don’t.  I need to focus on all the good.  Being ever mindful.  I lost it for a moment.  I forgot myself.  Forgot my tons of blessings God has showered us with.  So I’m good now.  I suppose next time when I feel the need to vent, I’ll write down every good thing I can find about my life, ’cause then maybe I won’t feel like venting.  I’ll be filled up with goodness and thankfulness and appreciation and love and adoration for all He has overflowed my cup with.

Thank You, Father!  You are the biggest blessing of all.  Your love for me – for us.  I know you love us.  I feel it in my soul.  Thank you for all these reminders and more.  Oh, and sorry for stressing and depressing.  I still might cry just to get this tension out of my muscles if you don’t mind but I’m better now.  Never stop your whispers.  Sorry for being angry with you.  I know you give me more good than bad.  Thanks for all of it.  The good and the bad.  You use it all.  I love you, too.

Okay, so what are you thankful for today?  Or for this past week, so far?


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Counting Blessings – I Triple Dog Dare You!


Okay, instead of having a pity party on all that I don’t have or don’t have time for, I will instead count my blessings and be glad in each one every single day:

1.  Jesus loves me.  This I know.  For the Bible tells me so.

2.  God loves me.  Because He gave me Jesus.  Because He gave me Hallie.  Because He gave me Mama.  And soooo  much more!

3.  I have the world’s best, most loving, most compassionate, hilarious, intelligent, beautiful daughter, who’s my best friend.

4.  I have the world’s best, most loving, most kind, understanding, silly, fun, gorgeous mother, who’s my best friend.

5.  Thankful for my closest friends that I’d be lost without.

6.  Thankful for the friends I’ve made through the blogosphere.  I’m better for knowing you.


7.  Thankful for humor, for without it, I would have already lost my mind.

8.  Thankful for time to write when I actually have time to write.  I know I’ll receive some free time soon.  Hopefully soon.  I love to write!

9.  Thankful for work, for without it, I’d be po.  Well, I guess I am sort of poor but I can afford to send Hallie to a good school (with help from her dad) and I can pay our bills and we can eat and buy a gift or two at Christmas, so I guess we’re not too po.

10.  Thankful for being able to work from home so I can spend much more quality time with my babe and be there for Mama when she needs me to help her with something (most of the time).

11.  Thankful we are healthy.

12.  We have a home that’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer and we can enjoy life chatting and sitting in our front porch swing.

13.  We have a little land so we can run and frolic with the dogs and/or walk down to the pond to meditate/contemplate.

14.  We can always find something to laugh about.

15.  I have a car that runs and gets us where we need to go even though the air doesn’t work.  At least the heat and defrost does!

16.  I have an ex-husband that makes time for Hallie and wants to spend time with her.  Her dad loves her.

17.  No matter how I may mess up in my life from time to time, I know my Father will never leave nor forsake me.

18.  I’m saved!  Thank You, Jesus.  Thank You, God.

And so many more blessings to be thankful for – too many to count.


Do you have more positives than negatives?  I know I do!  I triple dog dare you to come up with at least 10 positive things about your life or good things/people/places that are in your life.  What are you thankful for today?

Love you!!!  *big squishy hug*



My Wild Hair Little Woman

wild hairNot sure why I call her little.  She’s nearly as tall as I am.  Thin, though.  And young.  My beautiful baby.  Hallie was teasing her hair.  What did her hair ever do to her?!

Sorry Gerry, no singing vlog today.  I know it’s not what you were hoping for, Colline.  Maybe I’ll post my wild hair another day.

This is my submission for the 31 day challenge.  Kate’s prompt is “View” for today, so this fits.  And it sure goes along with my theme, “31 days of Wild Hair.”

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54-66 of the 5,000 Question Survey

Day 5 of 365 days of the 5,000 Question Survey – the next 13 questions (if you’d like to join, please see the link in my post from Sept 18th or just the link:

54.  How many TV’s are in your house?  We have two tvs.  There’s one in the livingroom and one in my bedroom.  We mostly watch the one in the livingroom.  The one in my bedroom only comes on if one of us is sick and in my bed.  It was on a lot after Hallie’s knee surgery and she had to keep it propped up constantly and get pain meds every 2 hours around the clock.

55.  What is your favorite thing to do outside?  That’s a hard one.  I love to walk/run with the dogs as well as with my daughter.  I love to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire pit when it’s chilly out.  I love to mow.  I love to work in the yard when it’s not stifling.  I love to play frisbee and badmitton and other games with my kiddo and her friends and have picnics when it’s not too hot out.  I love to take my laptop and sit in the porch swing to work or write or just sit and sip on coffee or hot tea. All of those are my favorites.  I guess I’d pick the ones where I’m spending time with my family as they are my favorite people in the world.

56.  How do you feel when you see a rainbow?  Loved and forgiven and remembered.  God doesn’t forget his promises.  Even when sometimes I doubt him or shout at him, he has not forgotten.

57.  Have you ever dreamt a dream that came true?  Dreaming while asleep, I don’t believe so.  I’ve had many dreams and visions while awake that have come true.

58.  Have you ever been to a psychic/tarot reader?  No but I think it would be entertaining.  I believe some psychics have the true talent/gift but others are fakes.  I did go with a friend to a tea leaf reading once and it was quite hilarious.  She was a flake.  I also went to a group psychic thingy and that was filled with a bunch of nut jobs.  Like I said, I believe some of them are real but I’d say most are out of their minds crazy and some of the peeps that go to those things are insane as well.

59.  What is your idea of paradise?  Ultimately?  Being back at Home in heaven with God and Jesus and everyone that I’ve ever truly loved and continue to love.  This includes all the furbabes I’ve loved.  I believe there will be lush trees and soft green grass and beautiful rolling hills filled with lavender and beauty everywhere you look.  It will envelope you.  On Earth, paradise for me is being with my daughter and mother, especially on a road trip traveling around the U.S., although I’d like to see other countries (besides Mexico as I’ve been twice).  For living, I’d like to be closer to the mountains, less humidity, in an old 2 story house with a porch swing (I do love my old houses and porch swings), and a wrap around porch filled with hanging plants, rocking chairs, small tables to sit our cups of tea or cherry limeade or what have you, a nice spacious yard with lots of privacy and flowers and trees and just space to walk and breathe.  Oh, and central air and heat, more than 1 full bath and at least 2 nice size closets that we can fully access (I live in a house built in 1939.  When they built some of these houses, people only wore a couple of outfits and didn’t need the full closet so part of mine is most difficult to access).

60.  Do you believe in god and if so what is he/she/it like?  I most definitely do.  Too many miracles have happened in my life to not believe in God.  He is my Father.  He is loving, is jealous for my love and devotion, is forgiving, can get angry, can be disappointed like any father, but always believes in giving endless chances.  He believes in me and has faith in me.

61.  Do you believe in Hell?  I most certainly do.  I believe I’ve walked through some of it here on Earth.  But the real deal is far worse than anything I can imagine.  I do not fear it, because I know I won’t be going there.  I follow Jesus.  I’m not perfect or even good.  I love Jesus and follow him and this is why I’m going to heaven.

62.  What one thing have you done that most people haven’t?  I don’t know that I’ve done anything that most people haven’t.  Some people find it unusual that I was in the Air Force and that I used to climb mountains and rock (without cables and ropes).  I’ve earned medals in martial arts tournaments.  I had my daughter through natural childbirth without drugs (she was 9 lbs 13.5 oz).  But honestly, I don’t find any of that to be particularly different or special or doing things that most people haven’t.  Many people have done those things.

63.  What is the kindest thing you have ever done?  I don’t know that I should say as I feel it would sound like bragging.  I believe the nicest things you could ever do for others should be a secret between you and God.   I do nice things for others not to hear, “Oh, you’re so nice or giving or generous or whatever…”  I do those things because they are the right things to do and because I feel God calls me to do those things.  I do not need recognition.  I only need my Father to smile at me from time to time.

64.  Are you a patient person?  Om, no.  I would say I’m probably one of the least patient people on the planet.  I’m less patient with myself than I am others.  But I’m not very patient with others either.  I’ve become more patient after having a child but I could still use a ton more patience.

65.  What holiday should exist but doesn’t?  I don’t know that we need any more holidays.  I think we probably have enough.

66.  What holiday shouldn’t exist but does?  Oh, I’m sure several exist that we do not need but it’s not for me to say.

Love Letters

To Hallie –

How shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

You are bright and warm as the shining sun

Beautiful and stylish as the bloom of the rose

Fragrant and soft as the blossoming gardenia

Filled with as much fun and frolic as a romp through the clean cut grass

And I love every minute of you.

– Love, Mama


I encourage you to write a love letter to all your beloveds.  To your parent(s), to your children (young or grown), to your friends, to those you cherish and mean something special to you.  Think of it as “if this was your last day on earth, to whom would you want to say, ‘I love you,’ ‘You’re special to me,’ ‘I appreciate you,’ ‘You make life more full,’ ‘You make me feel complete,’ ‘You are my joy,’ ‘You make me laugh.’ “