Trust is Never a Must

Twas promises ashen left woman to scorn

Ripened with passion then love would be torn — Go!

Undone the marriage by lies, fury, and so

Sayist none — carriage departs thee at first dawn

Taunt and disparage me no more — I am gone!


Tis a bit brutal, yes?  Still, trust is something that can be your undoing, at least for me, so tis better to not.  I believe you can love deeply while still holding that barrier up to protect yourself and not trust, or not completely, anyway.  What do you think?  Do you easily trust?  Do you feel you have to have trust when you love someone?

Today’s prompt with The Daily Post’s Writing 201:  Poetry is Trust.  The form is Acrostic or Double Acrostic (which I tried my hand at) and the device is Internal Rhyme.  Won’t you join us in the fun daily challenge?  It’s only for 2 weeks!





The Journey Home

p14 - stormy-road-4

Spent a small slice of life alone

Sent and spent, sailed, soared, sped and roamed

Then family three

Traveled much have we

You can bet the best trip yet has been the journey home


Yesterday’s prompt from The Daily Post was Journey.  The form was Limerick and device was Alliteration.  Won’t you join in with the poetry challenge?

How’d I do?




Rain Like Shards of Glass

p11 - castle rock 1

Tears blow angrily
Against drunken Castle Rock
Shaken but not stirred


The cork busted loose
Drenching steady Castle Rock
Like New Year’s Champagne

or (still not sold)

Rain like shards of glass
Pierced the crust of Castle Rock
All ran for cover

Which one do you like the best or none? I was searching and searching and searching for inspiration. Won’t you join us in today’s Poetry challenge through the Daily Post?  Today, it’s Water in the form of a Haiku with the device of a Simile.

Struck By Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow Struck Me


It came in hard and fast

And there in his beauty, he stood before me

Best from Vampire Diaries cast

Ian Somerhalder in all his glory


Looking into my eyes with that sexy pirate smile

Lost in his gaze and my bewildered surprise

Not realizing all the while

I got it right between the eyes

Won’t you participate in today’s Daily Post?  Cupid’s Arrow“Cupid’s Arrow”

Smiley Faces in the Most Peculiar Places

I have a challenge for you.  A fun challenge.  It started on my Facebook page and I thought I’d share it with all of y’all.  So, here’s the deal:


As I’m about to scrub bell pepper, onion, rice, butter and Lord knows what else off my stove, I notice a face smiling back at me. Before I remove its smile, I thought this might be a great lesson/game for all of us today. How many smiling faces can you find and snap a picture of and share it with us? It could be anywhere on anything or anyone. What can you find?

Submit any smiley faces you find, as many as you find.  I look forward to smiling back at your smiley faces.  ;)

Need a Little Spice in Your Life? Change Things Up!

You know how sometimes you’re down in the dumps or just tired of the same ole’ rigmarole day in, day out?  Do you feel like a robot having the same consistent routine?  Let’s change things up a little, shall we?  These are simple, quick (or most are) and sure-fire ways of getting you out of your funk.  At least, they help me.  I hope they help you, too.

Doing just one thing differently in your day can make all the difference you need to perk yourself up.  Whether it’s a task you normally have to do and you just do it a little differently with the intention of having fun with it, or it’s a new task altogether — it can make a huge difference in how you feel about your day, how you feel about yourself, and/or shift the energy flow to improve your level of funk/depression/boredom.


So, yesterday, I set up a new piece of office equipment for my home office that I received at Christmas.  Yes, it had been sitting there in the box, collecting dust for nearly a month and I finally made the time to set that sucker up, connected my new printer/scanner/copier to my laptop and my cell phone WiFi, baby!  Yea!  One less thing to worry about, plus it makes our lives easier if we want to print something from our laptops in another room or our cell phones from another city/state.  And yes, it stressed me in the beginning, but now that it’s figured out and done, I’m oh so happy.


Another thing I did was put my hair in a little up-do.  I work from home, so I usually just wear my hair down or flick it back in a pony tail.  The updo made me feel kind o’ sassy!  And maybe even just a little sexy.  ;)  Now, this may not work for the guys out there unless, of course, your hair is long enough for this, but I can’t really recommend the up-do, in this case.  I just can’t.

guy updo

The deal is, you need to find something, if it’s just one thing in your day, to do in a different way, to bring a smile to your face, or attempt to.

Something everyone can do no matter the length of your hair:  sing at the top of your lungs to a great sounding, fun, dancy song.  Sing off key on purpose just to make yourself laugh.  ’cause laughter truly is the best medicine!


Let me know how it goes?  Let me know what you did differently yesterday or today.  Lata!  ;)