1 more day

Just one more day to go before we start the 1st experiment! I’m so excited! Are you excited?
I am not a church-goer but I do believe in the Bible and the healing effects of prayer. I also know there are other meditative methods that heal, as well as creative visualization. God doesn’t make junk and He uses everything, so why shouldn’t we? – within reason, of course. Like I said earlier, there will be nothing harmful nor unhealthy means used in this group.
For interesting reading on the healing effects of prayer, check this out: http://www.newsmax.com/Health/Headline/prayer-health-faith-medicine/2015/03/31/id/635623/
If you like, before we get started tomorrow, feel free to introduce yourself, as we should all be here for wanting to heal ourselves as well as assist in healing others. We are here to support and encourage, lift each other up, believe in each other and having faith.
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2 more days

The “fact” that we use only 10% of our brain is a myth. It is the mind that has untapped abilities. Yes, there is a difference between brain and mind. Brain is part of and stays in the body. Mind is what I believe houses our soul and what travels outside the body (while we are alive & after our physical body perishes). We have 2 more days before our Facebook group Body & Soul Healing Experiments starts to expand and exercise our minds. God made our bodies self healing. Don’t you believe He would do even more with our minds / souls?
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Watch “How Words, Frequency Can Change Water & Human Behavior – Dr. Masaru Emoto” on YouTube

We should practice exercises with this study – think about how much we could heal within ourselves. Who’s up for some exercises with the water technique? Thinking of holding exercises once or twice a week, depending on how many may be interested. Checking with personal friends also. This could be so fun and healing!! Let me know if you are interested. Trying to come up with name for Facebook page. Healing Water and Living Water is taken. Any ideas?

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Yikes! My Etsy Store is LIVE!


I cannot believe it! This idea came to me on January 1 and I have now uploaded my first hand-crafted item. How insane is that? Y’all, this is a work in progress. I have other pieces I need to load into the store but I will get to that tomorrow. Please give me your input. How does the storefront look? What advice do you have on how to make it look better? Not entirely sold on the banner. I think I need to change the font, maybe move the words around a bit. Any and all advice welcome.


More to come tomorrow!