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I come a little late to the party, I know, and especially after promoting the Cherished Blogfest.  Sorry.  Been a crazy last few days.  But I do come bearing gifts.  I brought a bottle of sweet red and some aged sharp cheddar.  Won’t you have some?  I never show up to a party empty handed.  ;)

Grand C, AZ 10, July 2010 Roadtrip


Well, what is one of my most cherished objects?  I’ve thought long and hard about this and many things come to mind — a little peach stuffed dog with brown ears that my mom got me when I was about 3 to cheer me up when I was very sick (don’t worry, I’ve washed it since), named Peaches, the Wonder Dog.  I’ve cried many a tear into Peaches over the years.  I bought myself a stuffed dog when I was pregnant with Hallie, because the hubs was not very huggable at the time and this piece of fluff named Honey comforted me until my sweet squishy baby came along, and now I’ve been squishing her for the last 15 years.  My trusty laptop that I use 7 days a week is a trusted pal.  If I still had my grandparents’ vintage Royal typewriter, I’m pretty sure that would come in as #2 on my list of cherished objects, but the #1 slot, I’d have to say, belongs to (*drum roll*)…


My photos.

hallie in her crib laughing

Photos of family.  Photos of friends.  Photos of our many and varied travels by car, ship, plane, train, bus, caravan, horse drawn carriage, etc.  If my house was on fire (God forbid), what would I grab to save if I had a chance after the humans and fur babes were out?  Photos.  Most of these, since 2007, are on flashdrives and I keep them all in the same place so they’re easy to find.  I think I could replace everything else in the house eventually, but my heart would be broken and never to heal if I lost all my many photos.  I cannot tell you how many boxes of photos I have but it’s A LOT!  One day, when I have free time (what the heck is that?!), I will manage to scan all these photos onto flashdrives so I’ll have them all easily accessed and easily portable.  Yeah, many are in the cloud and in different sources of media that I could access from any computer but I don’t have all those baby photos scanned, yet.  And all the old photos of my grandparents, parents, even great grandparents – these are my treasures.

Copy painting bilateral

Daddy and Hallie as baby

Photographs capture a bit of history.  They capture a precious moment in time and that moment is forever preserved, never to age, never to wrinkle (granted you take care of the photos) and all you have to do besides accessing the memory in your mind is to simply gaze upon these shining sweet faces and it takes you back to their childhood, or that cruise you took or that Girl Scout train trip to New Orleans.  You can remember those sweet moments with your dad when he was alive, he was laughing, you were laughing, everybody in the picture has red faces, because they’re all pretty much laughing, trying to catch a breath as they shed a tear and grab their stomachs from the pain of all that belly laughter.  And all it takes is a quick peek at a picture.

GranC & H smiling and holding hands in back yard

Hallie at carnival in racecar

Even those photos of the great grandparents you never met — these can carry you off, also, to places you’ve never seen except in the backgrounds.  The hairstyles make you smile, the curly perms their mom’s must have given them, their little sheet dresses and bare feet, the log cabin standing behind them, the clothes off to the right hanging on the line.  Yes, these are our memories, our history, our loves, and though, many may be bittersweet, the sweet overrules the bitter any day when all you have to do to visit a place in time is to look at a photograph.  And, of course, read a book — that can take you around the world and any spot in time, because they are the best time machines, along with photos.

Silly Rabbit, Ryan Dam, Great Falls, MT, July 2010 Roadtrip

photos 050910035_edited

So, perhaps a bit lengthy and for that I apologize.  I do tend to get carried away and ramble on a bit but I am passionate about my pictures.  Can you tell?

Just a few of those are:

Hallie and Buddy

The Grand Canyon

Mama on one of our travels

Lilly Margaret (Hallie calls her Lilly Marge when she’s in trouble) kissing one of her stuffed animals (Yup, she kisses.  She smiles with her teeth, too!  Multi-talented.  Ha!)

Baby Hallie

Mama and Hallie (my 2 best peeps) and back when Hal had her braces

Daddy and Hallie

Mama and Hallie

Hallie in a race car ride (LOVE that I caught that expression!!!  Priceless.)

Hallie crossing one eye, because she’s multi-talented, too.  Hehe!  The kid ain’t right.

And me and Hallie.  Yeah, me on a bad hair day, but I love those photos of me and my babe.

Enjoy.  ;)  xoxo



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Blogging is all about making connections, sharing information, emotions, opinions, memories.

How to make Blogging Friends Blog Friendships

In the spirit of blog friendships, my good blog friends, Dan Antion , Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat and yours truly at Daily (w)rite, invite you to take part in the CHERISHED Blogfest:

Often, objects lead us to memories.

The objects we hold most dear, harbor the most cherished memories.

For the CHERISHED Blogfest, we invite you to talk to us about one of your cherished objects. Tell us what it is, post a picture of it if you like, and tell us why you cherish it.

Keep your post to below 500 words.

Join us on the 24th to 26th of July 2015 in sharing memories, emotions, information: we’ll read and comment on each others’ posts, get to know each other better, and hopefully, make or renew some friendships.

Cherished Blogfest Cherished…

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To All My FB Fanpage Friends

To all my FB fanpage friends/followers, I’m about to host a contest on my fanpage and the winner will get to name one of the characters in my novel that’s two thirds finished.  You will also appear in my book in the Acknowledgements section.

If you aren’t following, now’s your chance.

Sandpaper People

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An earlier post I wrote from 2011 from one of my other blogs. An oldie but a goodie. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.  – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.  – John E. Southard

Today, we are reviewing OML Day 13:  Sandpaper – Smoothing The Edges.  Another incredibly inspiring chapter!

My Blog Block

We know we should be more accepting but many people in our lives seem to make it their life’s mission to be difficult and rub us the wrong way.  Some are nearly impossible to love and get along with.  That’s human nature.  If we only had a month to live, though, wouldn’t we make more of an effort to look beyond those surface issues that grate on our nerves?  To improve those relationships, we must change the way we look at these people.

Sandpaper is useful when it comes to woodworking projects…

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What Music Moves You?

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Jeff has an awesome blog! Check it out.

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What Music Moves You?

A Compilation of Reader Comments

by Jeff Martin

Last Tuesday, I reached out to readers of The Oak Wheel to ask the question: what music moves you? This question went along with the first installment of a new weekly column I will be doing called Tuesday Writing Thoughts. Basically, I wanted to know what sort of music, if any, writers use to stir their muse. My thought here was to help anyone who may struggle with writer’s block or have a hard time concentrating in environments with a lot of ambient noise with suggestions from fellow writers as to what sort of music inspires them. Many of you answered and, as promised, those response are contained below. Enjoy!

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My 2 Cents On Your LinkedIn Account


LinkedIn was created to be a business-oriented social networking service and since establishing my profile, I’ve noticed many items that need addressing, in my opinion — if you are engaging with the platform wanting to further your business and make yourself look good.  Here are just 4 ways in which you can improve your profile and standing within the LinkedIn community (again, just my opinion):

1.  Your photo is your first foot in the door

This needs to be a photograph of you, not your child, not your cat, your dog, the drunken friends you partied with last night, a beautiful scenic landscape, nor a cartoon.  Seriously.  If you are a company, then by all means, post your brand, your logo, whatever, as long as it makes your business look good.  If you are posting your own individual photo, it doesn’t have to be a boring professional staged photo of you all dressed up with a boring neutral background (if boring pro shots are your thing, that’s okay, too), but it should be a photo of you.  And actually let them see your face.  Don’t be 50 feet away where all you are is a blur with a cap on.  And make sure it’s in focus.  And make sure there’s enough lighting so you can be seen.

If you’re having a bad hair day, perhaps invest in a hairbrush, some sort of styling product or if the product is the problem, throw it out.  Dirty hair?  Try washing it.  (Seriously people, some of these should be no-brainers).  Too much makeup?  You don’t want to look like a $2 hooker, do you?  (If you do, go to the dating websites and disconnect from LinkedIn).  You are trying to promote your business or your blog or your book or whatever it is — hopefully, you’re not trying to sell yourself, prostitutionally.  Yes, I realize it’s a profession but don’t bring it to LinkedIn.

It’s not all about looks but it is your first step in your connection on LinkedIn and it should be a good starting point, don’t you think?  How do you want the world to see you?  You want to make yourself look good.  That’s the first thing they see — your photo.  Try to make a good first impression so maybe they’ll be thinking, ‘Oh, this person looks like they might have a clue.  Let me read their profile.’  If I see the image and it looks ridiculous, 9 times out of 10, I will reject the connection and not even read what the person is about.

2.  Don’t be looking for a love connection

I cannot tell you how many guys (I’m pretty sure girls do this, too) get on LinkedIn or any other social site to just flirt with women and are looking for a date, looking for love or to make it or for whatever reason they get on a site, reach out and say stupid crap like “Hey, beautiful.  I saw your profile and you’re super hot.  Tell me about yourself,” or “Hey baby, what you doin’?”  Om…DELETE…REJECT…BLOCK!

Honestly, I don’t get the whole online dating thing or online flirting thing.  AT ALL.  I realize some people are into that but I think it’s super gross, ridiculous and just plain psycho.  Yes, I know people can put up a front and be as fake as a three dollar bill to your face.  Believe me.  I know this.

If dating online is your thing, good luck to you and I hope you can find love but LinkedIn is not the place for that.  Take it to a dating site that’s set up for that sort of thing.  And stop messaging me.  Weirdo.

3.  Learn how to spell correctly & check your grammar

I’ve received so many requests for connections from so-called literary people (promoting their book, their editing and proofreading skills, etc.).  If you have misspelled half the words in your profile, chances are no one is going to hire you for any sort of literary position.  I understand if English is not your native tongue but if you are trying to promote in English, learn how to speak it or hire someone to edit and proofread for you before publishing your profile or any sort of post to the site.

You want to look intelligent.  You want to look professional.  If you cannot spell correctly and proofread your work at least three times out loud to yourself to make sure you’re using proper grammar and didn’t leave out any words and your sentences run smoothly and you don’t have any run-on and runaway sentences, then don’t bother hitting publish or post or update (see what I did there?  *wink-wink).

Okay, some run-on sentences fit.  But some don’t.  However, spelling correctly and making sure you proofread to ensure you didn’t leave words out or repeat yourself repeat yourself (I did it on purpose), should be at the top of your list before hitting the POST button.  And if you are in a literary field, claiming to have mad skills and don’t even know how to spell, it’s probably time for you to be movin’ on to something entirely different.

Don’t forget to space out your paragraphs about every 3 to 7 sentences, depending on their length.  If it’s all lumped together in one exceedingly long, drawn-out paragraph, people are gonna see that crap and run without reading the first line.

Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  And PLEASE learn the difference between their, there and they’re.  Also to, two and too.  OH, and your and you’re.  I’m sure there are others but MAN!  I see these all the friggin’ time, misused.  And it drives me batshit crazy.  STOP IT!

4.  Engage with your community

You need to actually engage in conversation.  Try to get to know people.  Ah, too busy?  Not enough hours in the day to be sociable?  Well, make the time.  Five minutes out of your busy day is not going to kill you.  A new connection is what should be the start of a beautiful friendship.  If you are out only to promote your business or your book or whatever you’re selling, let me tell you one thing for sure:  if ya wanna sell it, ya gotta sell yourself.

I am not saying to go out there and act like a car salesman, because they will run hard and fast as if you have the plague.  I’m saying get to know your peeps.  Let them get to know you.  Put something interesting in your profile summary — something that allows them to connect on your level.  Now, there’s gotta be something interesting about you.  Everyone’s got something.  Don’t just be in it to self promote.  I’ve made some great friends through business connections.  I’ve made some great friends through blogging, through joining the writing cabins and other conversations going on over at Nanowrimo and Camp Nanowrimo.

You start out talking with strangers and then you relate on a level and you become fast friends.  They don’t just become a client, a colleague, an employee, a blogger, a club member — they become friends.  And that’s what you should be after.  Don’t just be selfishly self-promoting. Make the effort and get to know people, just a little.  I’ve deleted so many people who send me a message telling me to check out their website, buy their book, hire them for editing and proofreading services (when they cannot even spell correctly).  Shameful.

And when people comment on your blog post and include their website in their message, it’s really insincere, or it comes off as such.  Usually, if you have a WordPress site and you leave a comment, people can click on you and check out your site but leave that up to them.  You need to leave an honest, thoughtful comment about what you read.

If you read something someone wrote and you like it, click ‘Like.’  If  you have something to say about it, click on Comments and leave one.  If you want to send someone a message about what you do as a career or what kind of job you are looking for, let them know that you actually read their profile and say something about it.  One of the best lessons I ever learned was “It’s not all about you.”  And on the other side of that, if someone leaves you a personable comment, it is only polite to respond in kind.  If the connection seems one-sided to me and they are not interested in an actual connection, I will usually delete them.  In fact, it is time for me to do some deleting.

Do you have any input as to what would make a better LinkedIn profile?


I’m sure I’ll be updating this as time goes on, but I do believe this is of utmost importance for every person and so-called company that wants to promote on LinkedIn.  I’m just sayin’.



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