Stuck Like Glue

Stuck is today’s prompt from Kate’s blog and I figured I’d go with it since I have about 3 minutes to post.  Been a busy weekend.  The kiddo’s birthday was Saturday.  Then today was shop till you drop day and then home to assist on a school project.  So tired.

When you hear the word stuck, you might take that term negatively but when I think of it, I think of my two best girls and how we are stuck like glue to each other.  We do everything together.  We are a threesome, the power of three, three peas in a pod, the three muskateers, three best friends for life, three sisters.

My baby, mama and me
There’s no place I’d rather be
Stuck like glue, us three
With them, love is all I see
They fill me with joy and glee
Wherever we go, wherever we be
I’m home with them, my soul is free

This is my submission for the 31 day challenge and my theme, “31 days of Wild Hair.” Just something new. Something different every day.

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Oh, and a quick head’s up:  Mama dug some of that stuff out of the attic.  I think I talked about it earlier, or at least did with one person — about the old Sears & Roebuck catalog from the old days?  Well, she found a couple of old catalogs from like 1926 and 1946, some old newspapers from the early 1900’s and late 1800’s, old postcards from our Cousin Mollie who was a missionary in Cuba and I’m gonna share some of this cool stuff with you guys!  I’m soooo excited!  The 1920’s and 30’s is Hallie’s and my favorite fashion era.  Can hardly wait to show you.  The kid is calling…  Gotta go.

Sweet dreams.  *smooch*


What Have You Learned From?

Learn was the prompt from yesterday.  I may not follow each and every daily prompt, just fyi, but this is a good one.

I believe this is one of our larger purposes on the planet — to learn.  If we only talk less and listen more, really listen, not just to our school teachers but all the teachers there are in life that surround us, we, we would gain much knowledge.  We can learn from our children.  I know I’ve learned more from my child than I have probably taught her.  She has taught me to love more, to see more beauty, to notice it.  She is the one who taught me how to forgive.  I talked about this in an earlier post but the short of it is that I watched her forgive someone who wronged her.  She decided she was going to make that person her friend.  Instead of being angry at the person or holding a grudge, like I had always done, she forgave that girl and she made her a friend.  When I saw that, I cried.  How could I continually hold grudges and hold onto such anger and resentment after she showed me how easy it is to forgive.  It never had been easy for me.

So, around that same time, God decided to test me and sent around a guy who terribly wronged me years earlier.  He was afraid to face me but had the courage anyway, so I got out of my car and talked to him.  We talked for 20 minutes and somewhere in the midst of our conversation, I realized I’d forgiven him.  And now, since that time, I’ve forgiven several people that wronged me, from the past to the present.  It feels so empowering, so liberating, so freeing.  It feels like you let go of a 100 pounds of weight from your back and shoulders and heart.  You feel lighter.  It’s not only a gift you give to someone else but more of a gift you give yourself, because to experience forgiveness, whether to accept it or gift it to someone else, it strengthens your connection and bond to God, to Jesus and even to yourself, as well as others — maybe even to the universe (energy).  It frees the flow of your pent up energy and you can breathe easier.

Not only from your children can you learn (and both the good and bad from your parents).  You can learn from the trees.  They stay planted and rooted deep within the earth, one of their greatest loves, their home.  They bend and they sway in the breeze and the storms.  Some of them might be washed away.  Some break down.  But most of them stay strong and though they may hurt and pieces may break from them, the whole of them stands firm.  They continue to grow and thrive and become strengthened for making it through the storm.

We can learn from the butterfly, flying free among the air.  They let the wind carry them.  They’re so light and joyful.  They start out crawling and are slow in movement and motivation except to eat and lay around.  Then, by a great miracle, it prepares itself for change and takes action (builds its cocoon) and should not be disturbed.  It’s a lengthy process and you might even believe it died in there, because it takes so long (we raised a caterpillar into a butterfly), digests itself and then after all its morphing work is done, it breaks free of it’s cocoon/shell/house, pushes it’s way through while strengthening itself and emerges a beautiful butterfly, and once its wings dry, it flies free.  What a beautiful thing to witness and learn from.

There is a lesson in everything.  Even within ourselves, we each have a story, we each have learned something valuable we can teach others.  If it is just to love or offer a kind word or give freely without expecting something in return, we are teaching someone else.

What have you learned from?  A parent?  A child?  The earth?  A tree?  The wind?  A book?  Witnessing a stranger?

Light on my Path

buttonSo I clicked this photo and thought it fit well for today’s theme, “New.”

P1140250I love how the sun was rising as I took Hallie to school. A beautiful new day. A new sun, or new in the day, at least. A light shining on my path letting me know everything will be alright somehow. Do sunrises ever make you feel this way? Especially, when they are shining as beautifully as this one? I love how the reflection (not sure if it’s on the hood or windshield) looks like a candle. That’s so cool! Ha! I’m crazy about sunrises, sunsets and candles. My daughter is, too. What about you?

This is my submission for the 31 day challenge and my theme, “31 days of Wild Hair.” Just something new. Something different every day.

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My Wild Hair Little Woman

wild hairNot sure why I call her little.  She’s nearly as tall as I am.  Thin, though.  And young.  My beautiful baby.  Hallie was teasing her hair.  What did her hair ever do to her?!

Sorry Gerry, no singing vlog today.  I know it’s not what you were hoping for, Colline.  Maybe I’ll post my wild hair another day.

This is my submission for the 31 day challenge.  Kate’s prompt is “View” for today, so this fits.  And it sure goes along with my theme, “31 days of Wild Hair.”

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31 Days of Wild Hair?

buttonOkay, so I’ve decided. Sort of. I’m participating in the 31 days of creating “something” or sharing “something” and I’m not entirely sure that all I want to create or share can be categorized into one place that fits, so… You may think that I’m going to post pics of my wild hair each day. No. I’m just gonna get a wild hair and post whatever I am inspired to share, whether it be a new photo of something, a poem, a story, doing something crazy, etc.

I thought, “Oh, I could do a vlog. Yeah! That might be fun. Even though I don’t know how to vlog nor edit. And even though I would like to be a recluse and never show my face nor speak out loud, because the sound of my own country twang gets on my own nerves…” Ok, scratch that one. That idea lasted about 10 seconds.

So, what will I come up with today? Well, you have my photo (not actually me) and that’s what I have come up with for my button to submit to the challenge and update y’all on what it is I’m doing, which is…well…this 31 day thingy… That’s about all I have come up with so far. So, as soon as I know what each day will bring, you’ll know. Fair enough? *scratching my head asking myself why, why, why*

If you are interested in participating in the 31 day writing challenge, hosted by Nester, check it out and join in.  I set mine up under “Too Awesome to Categorize.”  ’cause that’s just how I roll.  *hands on hips swingin’ side ta side*

Happy Days!  *smooch*

Days of October:
1.  Move (This post will be work for Oct 1) – I moved by growing my knowledge in button making.  Ha!
2.  View
3.  New
4.  Learn