Yikes! My Etsy Store is LIVE!


I cannot believe it! This idea came to me on January 1 and I have now uploaded my first hand-crafted item. How insane is that? Y’all, this is a work in progress. I have other pieces I need to load into the store but I will get to that tomorrow. Please give me your input. How does the storefront look? What advice do you have on how to make it look better? Not entirely sold on the banner. I think I need to change the font, maybe move the words around a bit. Any and all advice welcome.


More to come tomorrow!





3 thoughts on “Yikes! My Etsy Store is LIVE!

  1. Valerie says:

    Congratulations on your new shop! I LOVE Etsy! ^_^
    I went and checked it out. I saw a few things you could do to improve it. Make sure you add an about section. 🙂 In the dropdown menu for “size” of the pendant, you should indicate length of cord because at first I thought I would be able to choose the size of the pendant (know what I mean?) Also, think about taking photos of your pieces next to something that really shows its size. I always appreciate being able to really see a product’s size.
    Best of luck!

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