The New Experiment & Day 2 Assignment


Top o’ the marnin’ to ya!  I trust you are ready for the weekend, yes?  YAAAS!!  Have a most enjoyable Friday.  Now, on to the assignments for this new thingy…


So how’d ya do with yesterday’s assignment?  Did you embrace your inner child?  This is actually something we should practice every single day.  First, we have to remember we have that inner child that needs love from ourselves. That inner child needs hugging, smooching, dance with her/him, tell the inner child you love her/him, do fun things that you used to love as a child – play, laugh, sing, bake cookies, read your favorite book, frolic in the rain, jump in the water puddles, fix hot cocoa with marshmallows – reengage with that playful and fun side of yourself and remember how important it is to love yourself.  Do it daily, for at least 10 minutes to start becoming reacquainted if you haven’t met up in a while.  Doctor’s orders.


How’d I do with the assignment? Well, I’m a kid at heart, so I’m always a bit of a goofball, silly, playful and childlike, but even I get down on myself, beat myself up, tear myself down, get depressed and then I drink a rather large glass of wine and it’s all better!  No, really…  We all lose our childlike selves at different times but it’s so important to love yourself and I’m finally learning to after all these years. Maybe I did love myself, even though I found myself to be unloveable for most of my life. I do love myself and I pretty much act giddy every day. I laugh daily, I treat myself to that hot cocoa and dance with my kiddo in the kitchen, singing loudly and off key.  Plus I laugh at my kid – she’s hysterical! And my mother next door! The 3 of us go out every weekend to eat out and get groceries together and that chick (Mama) is always dancing in the seat in the restaurant and down the aisles! She’s a nut.  It’s always a fun day with either/both my girls.


Although I can be a nagging mom. Comes with the territory when you have a teenager, right?

How’d ya do with the scolding? Did you lay off scolding yourself and your loved ones? It’s hard to do, how well I know. I’m sure I nag quite often – just look at Hallie’s eyes roll every time I say something – that proves it, right? I have to be honest here. I have a bad habit of beating myself up for not doing this, not doing that, not making time for that thing, my house is a wreck, I need to scrub that stovetop, I need to mop the laundryroom, I need to quit eating everything in sight and get my bootie on that treadmill, I need to take my dogs running (and then the rain starts). When it rains, it pours. It’s always something, and I scold myself for every little thing that I don’t do, instead of praising my accomplishments each day. I will try to do better with this one.  It needs some work.  And quite possibly I will be bringing this one back up on a later day – praising our accomplishments.

So chime in, if you like, and share how you did with yesterday’s assignment so I can cheer you on, clap my hands, scream hoo-ra (Whoot! Whoot!), or console you and tell you that you’ll do better today, and send you air hugs either way!  ’cause I loves you, sweet babies!!!!

me blowing kiss

Today’s assignment was an A-HAAAA! Moment I received from my sweet soul sista Allison Marie over at Glory Begin. She always carries and sends out those positive, creative, loving vibes and I cannot get enough of her empowering, uplifting, right-on! words that always hit the spot and always seem to be just what I need to hear that day.  I got this idea from one of her latest posts.


Write one true thing that is truer than true for you
I can promise that this is most helpful to do
Healing and enlightenment may certainly ensue
Share, but only if you like, with the rest of the crew

Sorry, inspiration spurred inside me and I couldn’t help my silly self.

My true statement for this moment, and I guess I don’t mind sharing (UGH!), or maybe it is a little difficult to share, because I don’t like to show my vulnerability (we all wear masks, don’t we?) but I’ll do it anyway…

I write because I love to write (it’s my escape from the world) but I’m always too fearful to finish the story, even when I’m close to the end, because somehow (1) it’s too final – even if there’s another book in the series – and (2) I feel it should be shared but I feel it’ll never be good enough to share.  Ultimately… I don’t feel like I’ll ever be good enough.


Okay, there, I said it. I mean, I feel I’m awesome at times, with my writing, and with my spirit, and with my parenting (sometimes), but we all self-criticize, don’t we?  Sometimes, I’ll read a bit of what I wrote and I’ll cry or I’ll have belly cramps from the laughter, or I’ll be moved and think, ‘I wrote that?!  Me???!!’, so those are times when I find my writing is awesome, so see, I’m not completely down on myself all the time.

Share, won’t ya?

Oh, and Ian Somerhalder waving at the top?  You’re welcome.


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

One thought on “The New Experiment & Day 2 Assignment”

  1. Your whole post is light and love filled you GORGEOUS creature. I bow to your courage and bravery in writing that one true nugget, babe.

    Claim your power. It’s so damn beautiful.

    Winks, kisses, hugs and love 🙂 Xxx


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