Is it the holidays or just me?


Take into account I’ve already had 2 glasses of good wine so I may be a bit too honest. But is it the holidays or just me?  Okay, I realize it’s not just me.

Most of us get the holiday blues. We must understand and remedy (or try) this as best we can, yes? Because, hello!? It’s bloody Christmas and we should be effing joyful and not half drunk and sappy, yes?  Yaaas!  So, to pull apart these feelings to further understand them…we’ll call this Phase I.

Phase 2 can be in 2 days once we’ve received the hoorah from all of you that would like to chime in with all your ho ho f***ing jolly ho and tell me how you really feel.  Just being authentic here…  In the moment…

So why have we fallen into the deep dark abyss we call the Christmas blues?

1) We’ve lost a loved one – yes, they’ve moved on. Either they’ve gone to the other side or they broke up with us or ended our marriage. You thought they’d be there forever, right?!  Well, we were wrong. And it hurts. Deeply. More concretely and breathtakingly than anyone can possibly imagine.

But I get you. Been there. Done all of that. It sucks. You think one day you’ve finally gotten a hold on it and you’re good.  Right?  Then Christmas comes along and rears its ugly head and it’s all fresh again. As if it happened yesterday. I mean, it happened 13 effing years ago or longer. But, well… Here you go. It might as well have been yesterday.

Because, duh, we miss ’em. They should be with us, celebrating, laughing, filled with glee, but they’re not. And ya know what? I know you know what. It feels like shit!

And reason #2) You’re po.  Downright poor! You barely get by paying your bills just by the skin of your teeth! Skin? We have skin on our teeth now? Om, no.

And Christmas is now? I mean, yes, I realize it’s been in the STUPIDDD department stores since July but, oh, I tried not to realize it’s December. Actually, all my months run together, thanks to those Christmas in July ads.

So, I just figured I’d have another 6 months to try to scrimp and save for what everyone wants – at least the top 3 on their wish lists, because God (no offense) knows that’s what it’s all about.

3) You are not a Christian, you don’t follow Jesus and don’t get, nor have you ever gotten the whole celebration, overspending, overeating, glad tidings of it all.

Om, I don’t know where to go with this one… Because, well, even half drunk and pissed off as I am as loved ones absent, po as I am and the commercialization of it all, I still do get the whole Jesus thing, so I cannot empathize with you on that one, I do try to take into account of the real reason we have Christ-mas.

It is hard to focus on just the one main reason sometimes, though, right?!  We are human. We hurt. It sucks. Most of us love Jesus. It’s not about dissing the main dude and especially on his birthday. It’s not about that.

We forget what it’s REALLY about. Maybe ’cause of our ego, we’re selfish. We want our peeps and to have more moola. 

And because crap seems to happen at Christmas and when it does, it’s 10 times worse crappy than if the crap fell in your lap in May.

So, for Phase I, why are YOU feeling the Christmas blues? Tell me. Lay it all out there. I realize it’s THE most heart-wrenching, stabbing, melting your soul and your brain like hot butter (or it can feel that way) time of year.

Maybe by Phase 2 or 3, we can remedy our blues (or try our best) before Christmas Eve. So, lay it on me.  Just be real. Be authentic. Share your truth. We are listening.

And we (I) will do our best to help you/us all through it with at least a pirate smile on our faces. We’re in this together.


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

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