The Event Page is Open for the Contest

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What I’m asking for:

Give me a first name for one of my supporting characters. She is the mother of my main character. She is from the south (USA), she has medium length blonde hair, blue eyes, has a fair complexion, is a homemaker/wife/mom, and is a smart lady. Not a ditz, so not a ditzy name. She takes great care of her family and is kind-hearted, though she holds many secrets. The last name doesn’t matter enough to be known at this point, as she married into the name she now has.

Contest Rules:

Contest will begin July 15, wherein you may give me one first name and up to as many as one name each day of the contest. If the same name is given by more than one person, I will only accept that name from the first person who gives it.  Likewise, if you give more than one name on the same day, only the first name will count.

Contest will end July 31, at which time I’ll choose my favorite and if I still cannot decide, I will put it to a vote.  The people that offered those names will not get to vote on their own name.

The winner of the name that’s chosen will get mentioned in the acknowledgement section of my book. I plan on using a traditional publisher. I’m not into indie or self publishing.

Those are the rules, basically. Also, names will only count if you have liked my FB Writer page (different than my FB friend page) – click like at – and joined this calendared event.

The contest is only running through my FB Writer page.  Any names offered through this blog with not be counted in the contest.

Names offered before July 15 or after July 31 will not count.

Good luck!


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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