I’m Full of S… Song? Yeah, Song.


Yes!!! Bring me to some mountains, oh please? Oh! Oh! I feel a song coming on…

Take me out to the mountains
Take me out to the trail
Packed with granola and protein bars
Leave me there and I’ll sleep ‘neath the stars

So it’s walk, climb, walk for the path ‘head
Forgot my trek sticks again
It’s two, ten, twelve miles to go
Up the old mountain




Image courtesy of Life Support – Ultimate Survival Gear LLC



6 thoughts on “I’m Full of S… Song? Yeah, Song.

  1. Dreamhowl says:

    Ah, I go camping soon, and your post reminded me, and got me excited!

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  2. Eve Estelle says:

    Ooo! Love that poetic song! lol. How I would love to be near some mountains right now.. Unfortunately I’m stuck in the suburbs with a neighbor who is currently having a yard sale and selling, literally, hundreds of pairs of shoes.

    Carol, you’ve got great humor and a wonderful little blog! I’ve signed up for updates and look forward to future posts. ^^

    Best wishes,

    Edge of Night

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    • Haha! Thank you! Oh, I miss the mountains every day. I lived in Montana for a few years when I was in the Air Force, and the trails in Mississippi are kind of a joke, unfortunately. I love rocks, Arizona, Colorado, etc. Some day, I hope to move closer to the mountains again.
      Hope you enjoyed that yard sale and found you some nice shoes. Ha!
      Thank you, Eve, for the sweet compliments, and thanks for signing up for updates. I’ll be checking yours out, as well.
      Be well, friend,
      Carol 🙂


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