Everybody Looking for Love Online or Wha?


Is everybody and her brother online dating?  I mean, okay, I know a couple of people who have met peeps online and found LOVE.  At least I hope it’s love.  It’s just all so weird to me.  Can someone please explain this thing?  What happened to the good old days when you walked into a bar…okay, maybe not a bar — bad example (that’s not looking for love, anyway.)  — the good ole days when you just happened to see someone you liked, looked at their hand to ensure they weren’t wearing a ring (not that that seems to matter much these days), walked up to them and said hello, or a ‘love on aisle 9’ sort of thing or the produce section of your supermarket, like, “Hey baby, I dig your melons,” I mean, “Hey, miss?  How can I tell if this melon is ripe?”  *ahem*  (*NOTE TO PERVS*  Please don’t ever use that first question.  You will get slapped.  Hard.  And deservedly so.)  I joke because I’ve heard some crappy lines and they all make me nauseous.

These days, the peeps are not only looking for love on aisle 9 (you should see what these girls are wearing to WalMart — they should be entertaining from a street corner somewhere), they are looking for love in the bars (at least for the night), and everywhere you go online.

I have to say, I’m either a little slow or extremely old fashioned or clueless altogether.  I’m so over being flirted with online — sick to death of it, really.  Honestly, if you are in another country, buddy, or another state, it’s not really feasible for us to date over the net, so why even flirt?

I realize I am a southern gal and a country girl and I admit to being old fashioned.  I actually think these are good qualities.  Where are the gents?  Are they all gone?  I don’t want some crazy stalker creeper dude from another state or country telling me how beautiful I am or asking how old I am or…  Just tell me if I’m being unreasonable here.

I guess I’m from the old school where you actually try to get to know somebody, you know?  Someone that you can actually spend time with, in person, someone who can become your friend and you get to know them on a deeper level, rather than skin deep kind of crap.  I’m so over the face thing.  Outward beauty means squat to me.  Okay, not 100% true, but 50% true.  Thing is, usually, if the guy is hot, he knows it and he’s in love with himself too much to get to know anybody else on a romantic level.

Looks.  It’s not lasting, anyway.  Everybody gets all wrinkled up and distorted looking after a while, so why care about outward beauty?  I know, initially, it’s a turn on and all but for me, if a guy can make me laugh, it makes him look sexy.  If he is compassionate and kind hearted (not a girly man or a mama’s boy — just a good soul, ya know?), it shows in his face, in his eyes.  Where are these guys?  Are all the good ones gone?  Are they all spoken for?  I certainly cannot find any in Mississippi.

No, I’m not looking for love if you live in another country or another state, so stop flirting.  I just don’t get it, okay?  However, if you are looking for peeps to be friends with, I’m all for it.  Friends only!  Don’t tell me how pretty I am.  Don’t call me ‘dear.’  Etc.  If you are crushing, get over it.  Because I ain’t crushing on anybody that lives outside of my surrounding cities.  It’s just too weird for me.

Somebody, please, explain to me this whole fascination and new online dating trend?  Yes, I get it’s not that new.  It just feels new because I’ll never get used to it.

Just once, I would love to be flirted with in the book store.  Best place ever.  Or the coffee house.  Ah yes, love over coffee beans sounds like a treat.


8 thoughts on “Everybody Looking for Love Online or Wha?

  1. cobbies69 says:

    I personally think it is used by people who have no courage to talk to people face to face.. online they can be who they want, hopefully truthful, until the time of meeting.. and I do agree with what you say..some people are no good at reading other people…well so much more.. 😉

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    • I get what you say. It’s just weird. The best way to get to know someone and see how you fit with them is to spend time with them, in person, and if you can’t be friends first, you don’t have a solid foundation. The whole romance thing fades. Then, without a best friend, you don’t have much.

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  2. G says:

    I never have understood the whole online dating thing either. I have always been fiercely independent and never wanted or needed a relationship. I have been in them, and I was in my last one for quite a while, but would have been perfectly fine on my own. I never would have looked locally or online, because I just didn’t care to be in another relationship. Online dating seemed desperate to me anyway – sooo not me. But something funny happened. I “met” someone who I work with. I work from home and so does the person I’m with now, but we work from different states. We worked together over the course of a few years, often talking through work chats. I talk to a lot of people I work with and have formed friendships with theml. But this one particular friendship grew stronger and stronger over time. Our last project had us working together more often and we talked every day, sometimes for hours. We got to know each other fairly well over time. We eventually decided to meet, and we hit it off quite well. 🙂

    The whole online flirting thing puts me off, too. I don’t fall for that stuff. With us, there wasn’t so much flirting, but just a strong connection and friendship. There is a distance in location for now, but for me, the temporary distance doesn’t matter. I know I’m not going anywhere. We’re both loyal, and he’s well worth the temporary wait. It does suck being in a different area for the time being, but it’s only temporary.

    So I, like you, never understood, nor thought I would ever be in that situation. Yet, here I am. And I couldn’t be happier.

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    • Well, G, I must admit, I like your story. I couldn’t be happier for you and for him. Nice to know y’all talked for hours and formed a deeper connection through friendship and relating on different levels rather than the whole flirting thing, which I find to be super shallow — you know, you see someone who you think is attractive and say corny crap like, “I love your beautiful smile. Tell me about yourself.” Blah, blah, blah. Yes, I, too, have formed valuable friendships with people all over the world through this blog and their blogs and through online work and I’m thankful for each of them, though I’ve never found anyone that I’d consider dating with the whole distance thing. I love that y’all have met and spent time together, in person. I think it makes a huge difference in getting to know each other. You never know where you might find love. It’s nice that you both were open to it and found each other. Happy for you both.


  3. udoji75 says:

    Really I think that the best way is to meet face to face and then you can tell from the eyes and body languages if they are real or not.But however, let’s not shot love out of life and say it doesn’t exit.We can find love anywhere even on undesirable places.Never say never.

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