Crazy Legs!!

You possibly find it taboo to discuss these things — depression and the like.  Perhaps you think, “If I just ignore it, it’ll go away.”  Or you avoid people that suffer with depression as if they have the plague.  I’ll bet no matter how happy you are or pretend to be, you have a certain level or type of depression in your own life.

There are various levels and types of depression.

1.)  You are melancholy due to the crappy weather


— we all suffer from this, because we need that Vitamin D from sunshine to boost our mood and make us feel and actually be healthier.  Oh, I can enjoy a drippy and dark cloudy day with the rain droplets bouncing on the leaves and dancing on the windowpanes but going without sun for too long will bring anybody down.

2.)  You receive rejection.


Any sort of rejection.  We all want to be liked, loved, appreciated, told we are gifted or talented or a friggin’ genius.  When we are rejected, it hurts and it sucks.  We all have to face rejection in our lives.  Nobody ever said it was going to be easy but there are ways to help yourself feel better fast.  Dwelling on it isn’t one of them.

3.)  Someone leaves you or you leave them.  Each is a form of rejection.


They may have died.  They may have moved away or you did.  They (or you) may have ended the relationship on purpose.  It happens to all of us.

4.)  You’re sad.


You can’t pin down any specific reason why.  You just are.

There is honestly an endless list of what makes us sad, bitter, and angry (all parts of depression) — but there is also an endless list of ways to bring yourself out of it.  No, it’s not in pill form.  No, I’m not talking about liquid happiness we sometimes find in alcohol.  And no, it’s not about finding Jesus (although it certainly can help).  There are ways, simple plans of action you can take — anyone can — to make yourself happy, bring yourself out of the deep dark cold cave and into the bright warm sunlight.  And if there’s no sun, you can shine your own light!  sunny


So, step 1 and 2, you may have read about changing things up/ doing something different(ly), singing loudly and off key the other day and those things will help.

Need something else?  Try these:

1.  You know that saying, “Dance like nobody’s watching?”  Do it.  Yeah, that.  Get out those crazy legs, crazy-legs-o

put on your best, most favorite upbeat dancy song and work it!  I didn’t say twerk it.  Not only is this great exercise and gets that blood pumping, but if you do it right and have fun with it, you will laugh at yourself and your crazy dancin’ legs.  Move those crazy arms, too,


if you feel like it.  Sing along at the top o’ your lungs if you can pace yourself well enough.  Some of us aren’t coordinated to sing and dance at the same time.  😉

If you cannot dance or move the way you’d like, you can actually close your eyes and imagine/visualize yourself dancin’ all crazy to some great music.


Your mind has power over your body in so many different ways (too long to explain in a blog post) and if you can visualize it,

visualize 2

it’s the same as actually doing it and can totally lift you out of your funky (funky in a bad way) mood.

2.  Affirmations.  Yes, I said it.

eye roll

Don’t you roll your eyes at me.  No, seriously.  Okay, I’ll admit I used to roll my eyes, too, but listen…  Do this:  Take a short phrase that means something to you that is meant to empower you and lift you up.  Write it down.  Read it again and again, at least 3 times.  Accentuate and embellish the words with curly cues and drawings of your own choice.  Trace it.  Use different colored pencils, pens or markers to brighten up the words.  Then, say the words out loud (Yes, out loud!) 10 times.  Say it like ya mean it!  Look back at those words throughout your day and go through the exercise again if you feel the need.  Need some examples?

“I am beautiful!”  — because you are.


“I am a ____.”  — fill in the blank.  Don’t say “blank.”  (Yes, I know there are some smart asses out there as I am one of them.)  So, if I want to be a writer, I claim that I am a writer, then I declare I am a talented writer, then I believe I am a well paid, published writer.  You take your want/wish/goal/aspiration and make it a true statement for yourself as if it has already happened and you just are.  “I am a highly paid, sought after, NYT best selling author and I’m sooooo happy!”  Or “I am having the most awesome day ever!”  Or “I am so happy, because I have so many blessings in my life!”


Now you try.

And when you say them, smile.  Force it.

fake smile

Fake it till ya make it.  It might start out as forced, but after a little while, it’ll be natural.  funny smile

It helps to think of all your blessings and even say each one out loud.

sweet smile

Need examples?  Let me know.

bunny smiles

(FYI, I have suffered with depression for as far back as I can remember, as have both sides of my family as far back as I’ve traced, so I know a thing or two.)


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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