Update to Intention of Love

Mama, Hallie and I went out Saturday and had a fun-filled day, with laughter, silliness and lots of love!  We went to see Into the Woods (I don’t recommend), then to eat lunch.  Olive Garden was packed due to the Blues Marathon thingy going on, so we went further away from town and ate at Applebee’s.  Good call.  Got groceries and coffee and came home.  We enjoyed each other so much.  We were silly and talked and laughed.  I’m sure we were acting crazy in the grocery store.  I was smooching on them.  Hallie was smooching on us.  Mama tried to walk further ahead as to fool the public into not mistaking her for being with us.  LOL!

I smiled at strangers more.  A little girl in the restaurant was looking over at me and Hallie and I smiled and waved at her.  She smiled and waved back.  I tried to stay mindful and present at all times.  I did at one point catch the three of us on our cell phones during lunch for which I immediately put my phone down and apologized.  Then they did the same.  Ah, old habits.  When we were driving through Seattle Drip to snag our favorite beverages, Mama handed me some money to give to the Barista toward the next person’s order, which inspired me to do the same.  Felt soooo stinkin’ good!  I’m only telling you this in hopes it will inspire you with some ideas of spreading love and kindness in your neck of the woods.  Sometimes, even when you don’t have much money, giving $5 or $10 toward helping someone else out and putting a smile on their face — well, it’s worth so much more than that mere $5 or $10.  It makes your heart leap and fills you with joy.  And you don’t even have to be around to know you created some smiles and warmed someone’s heart and perhaps inspired them to do the same.

Anywho, needless to say, this was a wonderful day, especially starting with the intention of being loving and mindful and present.  I hope this can inspire you to set an intention that will not only fill you up with joy but overflow and spill out and onto everyone around you.  You have much to offer, much to give.  All you need to do is set that intention and be mindful throughout the day of your intention and stir it up.

Please leave a comment and let me know what intention you’re setting today.  I know that all of us can benefit from your ideas and your stories.  Who knows?  You just might inspire someone.


4 thoughts on “Update to Intention of Love

  1. The part about your mom staying ahead of you made me laugh. I understand. Thank you!


    • LOL! She does that quite frequently. Hallie and I are always embarrassing her so she tries to pretend she’s not with us. My motto is never grow up. When I’m 50, which is not long from now, I’ll still be acting like I’m 22 or 15, whichever the case may be. I’ll do anything to make my girls laugh. 😉

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  2. udoji75 says:

    One good turn deserves another. It’s good to be good.

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    • Hey Patrick! It truly is. It’s good to be good to others and share love and kindness. Sometimes we (meaning me) get so caught up in our own little world, our own busy lives, our own little bubble, we forget we have much to offer those around us. 😉


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