An Intention of LOVE

So, I was taking a moment (needed a bit of inspiration as I’ve been lacking lately with an overload of work) to read (something I haven’t made time for lately) a couple of intention setting, behavior and outlook changing articles.

Today, I begin an experiment — an experiment with the self, my mind, my body, my soul, my attitude and behavior, my mindfulness, my energy to and fro, my engagement with everything around me (my participation with life).

My main intention for this entire day is LOVE.  I will be loving and nurturing and kind to myself.  I will look in the mirror and tell myself ‘I love you,’ and ‘You are love, I am love,’ and ‘I am loving, I am worthy of love, I accept love, I give love.’

I think many of us don’t show enough love to ourselves.  I know I don’t.  I’m always too hard on myself.

I will go out into the world today and engage with everyone I see, whether it’s to look into their eyes and smile, speak a kind ‘Hi’ or engage in a conversation, no matter how small.

I will not:

1.  Judge others on their hairdo, their clothing choices, their eating habits, nor their rusty car in front of me coughing too much exhaust.

2.  Engage in road rage, no matter if a slow car is in the fast lane, or Grandma is driving 40 mph on the 70 mph interstate.

3.  Complain or frown or huff when I get to the check out at the grocery store and the line is a mile long or someone is digging through their purse to cough up the change to pay for their $86.94 worth of groceries and they haven’t even put their bags of items in their cart yet.

I will:

1.  Realize and appreciate that everyone has the right to be who they are, look how they choose, eat what and how they want and be happy for them that they still have a mode of transportation.

2.  Remain calm and carry patience.  If I have to take longer to get somewhere, there must be a reason and I’m okay with that.  Maybe we are being protected from a wreck that could have occurred had we arrived in an area a little sooner.

3.  Be patient and kind.  If I expect others to be patient and kind to me, then I must do the same for them.  We never know what someone else’s deal is.  Sometimes, all someone needs is a smile or some gentle patience.  We already go through life at hyper-speed, so we need to learn how to slow down anyway.  This might be that chance to speak kindly to the other person waiting behind me.  Who knows?  I might meet a new friend.


My experiment and intention for today is LOVE.  To practice love.  To be loving.  To be LOVE.


The weekend is usually when Mama (lives just next door), Hallie and I pack it up and either take a day trip/road trip, or go to the movies, or out to eat lunch, or just simply to get groceries for the following week.  Today, we’ll be checking out the movie ‘Into the Woods,’ eating lunch at a new restaurant (if I can talk Mama into it) and getting groceries.  Yea!  Many opportunities to engage with others and practice this experiment.

Oh, you know, I always try to be loving with others around me, but honestly, sometimes I’m in my own little 3 girl world where I’m only paying attention to Mama, Hallie and myself, and if I notice others around me, I can be ugly at times, noticing someone shopping in their pajamas or smirking at someone’s blue hair.  We can all be ugly and judgmental toward others at times.  And sometimes, I don’t hardly pay attention to anyone around me.  I’m going in to get what I need to get and get out.  I don’t necessarily like shopping for groceries or clothes or anything else.  I don’t necessarily like fighting crowds or traffic or the rude person working the check out counter who would obviously be doing anything else on a Saturday than be working with all these ungrateful people.

I don’t usually set any intention when I go out on a weekend except to enjoy the company of my most beloved peeps that I’m hangin’ with.  But I wanted to start living my life a bit differently.  I want to live on purpose, purposefully.  I want to set intentions and be mindful at all times.  I want to stir my insides up and spoon out more of the good in myself and see/look for the good in others.

I will look into their eyes and SEE them!  I will look for their soul, not see their shell.  Living is not about outer appearance anyway.

Today is all about LOVE.  And mindfulness that I stay in that place of love all the day long with myself and others.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I love you, my darling!!!  Have a WONDERFUL day, won’t you?  *smooch*  *squishy hug*  🙂

What intention are you setting today?



Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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