Be Inspired! Be love!

Well, we have entered yet another year.  How many resolutions have you set?  Or did you set goals?  How many of us set unrealistic goals for ourselves, only with the best of intentions, to never even start our action plan?  What good is that free gym pass if we don’t actually use it?  What good is that new camera if we never take it outside and capture the beauty all around you?  And I’m not talking about selfies!  Get over that people!  It’s not all about YOU!

We set plans of eating less and healthier only to continue gorging Christmas candy and leftover brownies (well heck!  I’m sure not letting THOSE go to waste!) and leftover lunch items from New Year’s Day.  Oh, the lunch items are healthy enough but piling it vertically just to see how much will actually fit on that plate is gross.

We aspire to be healthier, happier, enjoy life more, be more successful, experience more joy, spend more time with our loved ones, work less, earn more, laugh, dance and play in the rain, finally finish that book.  Have you started on your goals, yet?

What if it’s about more than goals for a new year?  What if it’s not just about us?  What if we can make more than just a plan to do something and actually start work on being something?  If we can just be one thing or do one thing, and I believe all of us can do this, why can we not be love and compassion?  If we can be a bit more gentle with our own souls and forgive ourselves and love ourselves in a gentle way, then pull from that and give it away to all of those around us, how much gentler would the world be?  If you were just gentle and loving and kind to one person or to each person you came into contact with each day, I wonder if each of those you touch would pass it on.  We learn by watching and doing.  How many could learn from you?  Attitudes and behaviors rub off on people.  Good and bad.  Wouldn’t you rather pass on good vibes and lessons?  How many could you reach out to?  You can show compassion and judge less and just offer love instead.

It’s not about success or ambition, making more money, finding a job or career you love, finding your perfect mate, having stuff, buying stuff, traveling to see the world, cleaning your house, writing your book – I mean all that sounds great, but what about healing?

Do we nurture ourselves enough?  Do we nurture those we love?  I wonder sometimes how much more I would love if I loved myself more.  If I actually focused on others more than my needs and wants, how much more could I help others by just loving them and listening to them and hugging them, and smiling at and conversing with a stranger.

I believe we were put here with one common goal.  Sure, each of us has a talent or gift we should share with the world, but we were all created with a common purpose.  To be love.  To love.  To forgive.  To live peacefully and in harmony with each other and with nature.  To look out for and care for each other.  To not judge (to a certain extent).  We don’t have to trust people to love them.  And it’s easier to forgive than you think.  Once you do it that first time, WOW!  You find what a gift it is – more for yourself than the one you’re forgiving (and the other person doesn’t even have to know you’ve forgiven them!)

Practice random acts of kindness.  You don’t need a reason.  Smile and be more welcoming toward people.  Giggle your silly little laugh, no matter what others may think of you.  Spread love.  Do unto others…  And if you don’t get it back, don’t worry about it, because it might hit them later and they’ll start on another day, because they’ll think of you and your kindness.  A lot of people are in pain, they’re hurting and they don’t know how to begin healing so it comes out as hate, anger and ugly.  Don’t be offended by this.  Be compassionate.  You don’t know what they’re going through and your smile and compassion might just help them get through the day.

Just a thought.  Will you join me to love?  To be love?  To be compassion?  To stir it inside your soul, heat it up and then serve it up?  Any questions?


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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