I Got The Christmas Blues

I’m not a singer, though I call myself a poet at times, and a writer sometimes, too.  Not really into bluesy music either but this year, I got the Christmas blues.  Lemme explain…

Even while I write this, feelin’ such hurt

Since I know I should be doin’ my work

No time for creativity these days

I got the Christmas Blues


Four hours sleep I work dark till late at night

No time to trim the tree except for lights

No ornaments, tree topper or tinsel

I got the Christmas Blues


Had such plans for Christmas crafts and fare

Not wrapped the first gift, tree bottom is bare

Was gonna drive around and see the lights

I got the Christmas Blues


No time to work on my stories or blog

No time to read or start my YouTube vlog

Gotta get some sleep and find a new job

I got the Christmas Blues


No wonder it’s the most down time of year

Though I paint a smile to shut out my tears

Maybe that will help them have a good time

Ain’t got no time with my friends to hang

Trapped in a tunnel, the light is a train

I got the Christmas Blues


6 thoughts on “I Got The Christmas Blues

  1. Almost doesn’t need an explanation. Does it? Get what you can from this time of the year.

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    • Yeah, I’m trying to remember and focus on the reason for the season, celebrating His birth, and trying as best I can to enjoy my family, trying to make time for them. At least we did build our annual gingerbread house and we’ve watched a couple of Christmas movies. Just wish I had more free time. Hope you have a merry one. Thanks, my friend. 🙂


  2. cobbies69 says:

    I play blues and not all blues is sad,, some is joyful and meaningful,, think of this side of blues.. brill poem, I liked it very much..

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  3. Colline says:

    Hope the work finishes soon so that you spend a little christmas time with your family.

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