We Write, Not With Fingers, but with Every Fibre of our Being

virg“For it would seem – her case proved it – that we write, not with the fingers, but with the whole person. The nerve which controls the pen winds itself about every fibre of our being, threads the heart, pierces the liver.”
Virginia Woolf, Orlando


Ain’t that the truth.


Please forgive me for not posting daily as I had been making a practice of for a while.  Work has me with strained eyes and fingers around the clock.  I worked all day yesterday from about 4am till midnight, aside from taking Hallie to school, picking her up and spending about 2 hours with her, supper and all that.  I’ve had so much on my plate.

I have not been able to play with the whole YouTube video thing.  I have made a tiny bit of progress.  I taped a practice video and I’ve been meddling with the editing software but not enough time put in to really even mention.

So perhaps when I get either a better paying contract with less hours (I’d prefer one of the contracts I presently have to give me more work as she pays better for less hours) or God sends me a miracle, I’ll have more time to spend on this, continue learning how to edit, then go out for an hour or two, God willing, and start the interviews.  I’m still stoked about this project.  I’m just tired.  Really tired.  Plus, I need to figure out time issues.  Too much time working just to make ends meet right now doesn’t lend much freedom to this new video adventure, nor does it lend to the upcoming Nano.  I’m pumped.  Really, I am.  Just, at the moment, I’m trying to keep my eyes open and about to start another work project that’s due tomorrow morning.  Actually, I have 4 that are due at 10am.  So, I’ll get to it.

Love and hugs to you and please whisper up a prayer for my sanity, sleep and some free time to devote to this new project, as well as Nano.  Thank ya!!  I wish y’all well!



Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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