Hold on


I feel like God is saying “No.”  Trying to hold on to faith.  Trying to find some…  Hard sometimes.  But not giving up.


Write Your Feared Emotions

laurie“Write about the emotions you fear the most.”
Laurie Halse Anderson


That ought to get your heart pumping, eh?


Well, best laid plans…  I was all gung ho about this new project and I still am, it’s just that I’ve had no free time.  I’m taking 5 minutes just to post to my blog.  I apologize again for not blogging regularly.  I miss y’all.  I miss reading your blogs.  I miss writing.  I miss learning how to edit video.  I had taken about an hour to learn editing and then work start piling up.  Now, I have work to keep me busy every day at least through Monday (yes, including the weekend).  Gotta pay the bills.  I only accept enough work to reach a certain monetary gain to pay what bills I have to pay.  I have to carve out time to carve that pumpkin with Hallie today and get groceries but free time other than that looks pretty bleak.  However, if things pick up with one of my certain contracts (the better paying one), I will not have to work as many hours with this other one and will have some free time to devote to learn video editing and then go talk to some peeps, and maybe read some blogs and maybe participate in Nano!  Yes!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I just hope it’s not a train.  Hey, at least I got more sleep.  About 9 to 5.  Wow!  8 hours!  Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

We Write, Not With Fingers, but with Every Fibre of our Being

virg“For it would seem – her case proved it – that we write, not with the fingers, but with the whole person. The nerve which controls the pen winds itself about every fibre of our being, threads the heart, pierces the liver.”
Virginia Woolf, Orlando


Ain’t that the truth.


Please forgive me for not posting daily as I had been making a practice of for a while.  Work has me with strained eyes and fingers around the clock.  I worked all day yesterday from about 4am till midnight, aside from taking Hallie to school, picking her up and spending about 2 hours with her, supper and all that.  I’ve had so much on my plate.

I have not been able to play with the whole YouTube video thing.  I have made a tiny bit of progress.  I taped a practice video and I’ve been meddling with the editing software but not enough time put in to really even mention.

So perhaps when I get either a better paying contract with less hours (I’d prefer one of the contracts I presently have to give me more work as she pays better for less hours) or God sends me a miracle, I’ll have more time to spend on this, continue learning how to edit, then go out for an hour or two, God willing, and start the interviews.  I’m still stoked about this project.  I’m just tired.  Really tired.  Plus, I need to figure out time issues.  Too much time working just to make ends meet right now doesn’t lend much freedom to this new video adventure, nor does it lend to the upcoming Nano.  I’m pumped.  Really, I am.  Just, at the moment, I’m trying to keep my eyes open and about to start another work project that’s due tomorrow morning.  Actually, I have 4 that are due at 10am.  So, I’ll get to it.

Love and hugs to you and please whisper up a prayer for my sanity, sleep and some free time to devote to this new project, as well as Nano.  Thank ya!!  I wish y’all well!


Ready for Nano?

Participant-2014-Web-BannerGet ready!  It’s 14 days away, and counting.  Here’s the quick list for how you can get yourself ready within the next 2 weeks:

1) Figure out what you are going to write about.  You must have some idea.

2) If you are going to continue a work in progress (against the rules but who cares), it might be good to revise what you already have and if you feel that may take too much time, just at least read over what you already have so you’ll know from where you need to start on Nov 1.

3) Make a grocery list of one-handed foods and snacks so you can write while you eat.  We live on granola bars around here.  Any kind of snack bar, nabs/crackers are good, nuts, any sort of quickie snacks that can aid the rumbly in your tumbly without having to really get up and go fix something.  Keep a ziplog bag or shoebox full of these snacks at your desk or wherever it is that you write.  If you are a coffee drinker, or tea, or wine, or whatever, make sure you are stocked up.  I am all three plus maybe a glass of chocolate milk on the side sometimes.  😉  Make casseroles on Halloween.  Make stew or big batches of hearty soup.  Put servings of these in containers for your family, so they can heat up themselves and eat and you can do the same.  Put some of these servings in the freezer so there’s plenty of food for the next 30 days.  This way, you can spend your time working and writing, rather than cooking and cleaning.

4) Put your loving, caring family members to work cleaning the kitchen.  There’s nothing wrong with enlisting the help of your family members to take on more responsibility during the month of November.  Granted, Thanksgiving may be a bit different.  Ugh!

5) Make a writing schedule.  So much to do in November!  Trying out different recipes so you’ll know for sure what you want to fix on the big day, cooking for the big day, cleaning for the big day, NaNoWriMo, work for pay, all the extra groceries you need to buy for Nano and for Thanksgiving, buying a fresh Christmas tree, decorating said tree, prepping for Christmas decor, digging out all those decorations and music and movies, etc. for the Christmas season, and all of the other 101 projects we each have going on in our lives.  Make a small snippet of time to actually do your writing.  Whether it be carving out 2 hours (or however long it takes you to write 2,000 words in a day) from 2 to 4am or from midnight till 2am, get it done.  If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time.

6) If you know what you’re writing, go ahead and sketch out some idea of an outline, characters, plotting, twists, turns, chaos, all the ins and outs of what you want to go into your story.  Or, if you are a pantser (I’m a little bit of both but mostly a pantser when it comes to writing), just fly by the seat of your pants.  Soar on the wings that carry you through.  It’s pretty fun and free to write like this.

7) Finally, and most importantly, get ready to free your imagination.  Set your imagination on the breeze and let it carry you to wherever it may go.

8) Just be sure to write roughly 2,000 words per day from Nov 1 through Nov 30.  That way, you’ll finish a little bit ahead of time and you don’t have to stress about the deadline.

Did I leave anything out?  I’ll be checking in from time to time between work, Nano and my new Meaning of Lifers project.  Gotta check in and see how y’all are doing!  Not sure when writing mates is open.  I know at camp, they have cabins and you can add friends to your cabin and chat about writing and just chat about anything.  Great way to make new friends!!!  I still talk to a couple of those friends on Facebook.  Anywho, if anyone has anything to add or wants to share their lists for getting ready for Nano, give me a shout out and I’ll link you and/or just comment me below.

Y’all have a groovilicious day, have a fun and productive weekend or just chill and I’ll talk to you soon.  Love ya!  Be well!  *smooch*