67-79 of the 5,000 Question Survey

Day 6 (a day late) of 365 days of the 5,000 Question Survey – the next 13 questions (if you’d like to join, please see the link in my post from Sept 18th or just the link:

67.  What’s the best joke you ever heard?  I’m sure I’ve heard funnier ones than this but it’s all I could come up with at the moment:

Teacher: “Anyone who thinks he’s stupid may stand up!”
*Nobody stands up*
Teacher: “I’m sure there are some stupid students over here!!”
*Little Johnny stands up*
Teacher: “Ohh, Johnny you think you’re stupid?”
Little Johnny: “No… i just feel bad that you’re standing alone…”

68.  Where is the most fun place you have EVER been?  Disney was the most fun vacation and I’d like to go again but I can go back to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN every year if I could afford the time and money.  Traveling up through the Blue Ridge Mountains along the Shendendoah Parkway was pretty awesome.  Norman, Oklahoma and our 12-13 state trip in 2012 (Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Idaho, Texas again, Louisiana again, Mississippi again) was not bad, either.  Visiting Pennsylvania was pretty sweet.  I can’t say I have a favorite.  I love them all!  As long as I’m with my 2 girls, I love any and all road trips as long as it’s to go to another state.

69.  Is your hair natural or dyed?  It’s dyed but it’s as close to my natural blonde as I could find.  I don’t want streaked nor two-tone hair.  Naturally, I have some gray on the sides of my face and I refuse to go gray.

70.  Do you have any deep dark secrets or are you pretty much up front?  Of course I have some deep dark secrets.  Doesn’t everybody?  Some are my own and some are secrets from others.

71.  What is under your bed right now?  Books.  Lots and lots of books.  Probably some dust bunnies procreating.  And I think there’s a storage box with extra blankets inside.

72.  If you were in the Land of Oz would you want to live there or go home?  Go home

73.  If you drive do you frequently speed?  I do tend to speed but not too far above the speed limit.  Most often, I do the speed limit or not more than 5 above.

74.  What is the world’s best song to dance to?  I don’t know about this one but we had a pretty fun time dancing and singing loudly (and badly) and laughing to Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me and/or Vampire Weekend Unbelievers Lyric Music Video

75.  What song was on the last time you danced with someone?  Last night, I was crazy dancing with Hallie in the kitchen to about 3 different songs.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home [2009]Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me and Vampire Weekend Unbelievers Lyric Music Video

76.  Do you prefer Disney or Warner Brothers?  Really depends on what the movie is and my mood at the time.

77.  What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?  I love the giraffes!!

78.  Would you consider yourself to be romantic?  Oh yes, I am pretty much a hopeless romantic.  I just hide it well.

79.  If the earth stopped rotating would we all fly off?  Most definitely but let’s not think about that, okay?


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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