27-39 of the 5,000 Question Survey

Day 3 of 365 days of the 5,000 Question Survey – the next 13 questions (if you’d like to join, please see the link in my post from Sept 18th or just the link:

27.  Do you have a lot to learn?  Yes, I have a ton to learn.  You learn every day of your life.  You learn till you die.  And then I suppose you learn some more.

28.  If you could learn how to do three things just by wishing and not by working what would they be?

A.  To have all the faith I need to live every day of my life within peace, love, joy, mindfulness, calmness, gentleness, courage, thankfulness and gladness, without worry or doubt of fear.

B.  To be a better parent and always be confident I’m making the right decisions for and on behalf of my daughter.

C.  To heal people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually just by laying my hands on them or just by a healing thought.  I believe the brain contains this power/ability.  Most of us have not not learned how to access or awakened this area of the brain.  Yet.

29.  Which do you remember the longest: what other people say, what other people do or how other people make you feel?  How other people make me feel.

30.  What are the key ingredients to having a good relationship?

Listening more than you talk.  Hearing.  Listening and hearing are two separate things.  Communication.  Giving, taking and receiving.  A certain level of trust.  Love and acceptance of who the other person is without thoughts of needing or wanting to change them.  Friendship and laughter.  Silly and fun.  Respect for yourself as well as the other person.  Encouragement, support and always wanting to lift the other person up.  Faith in yourself and in the other person.  Patience.  Not always having to be right or have the last word.  Choosing your battles.  Knowing when to fight/argue and knowing when to walk away and gain some silence and calming and contemplation.

31.  What 3 things do you want to do before you die?

A.  Travel to all those lands I wish to walk and photograph and share the experience and beauty with my girls.

B.  Provide a better way of life for my mother and daughter and myself, which means more land, less humidity, to have more user-friendly homes (more closet space and more than one bathroom), more privacy and more space and more gardens and the time and money to garden.

C.  Watch my mother retire and find more freedom, joy and happiness in life and watch my daughter grow up, go to college, have a career she loves, marry her best friend and witness/watch her children grow up and spend time with all of them and make memories.

32.  What three things would you want to die to avoid doing?

A.  Ever going back to an ex.

B.  Causing harm to anyone.

C.  I would die to protect my family if I needed to — to avoid them from being harmed, I would sacrifice myself.

33.  Is there a cause you believe in more than any other cause?  Abused and neglected children and animals have a special place in my heart, as well as terminally ill children.

34.  What does each decade make you think of:

The 19..

20’s:  Flappers, great fashion and style, some of the classiest cars ever made

30’s:  The Depression, some of the classiest cars ever made, The Hobbit, great music from this decade

40’s:  Many great films, great music from this decade, beautiful cars from this decade

50’s:  The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, poodle skirts, bobby socks, some decent music

60’s:  Some of the coolest looking cars, some of our greatest music, sex, drugs and rock and roll, bouffant hair, The Time Machine was adapted into film.

70’s:  Some of the best music ever created was born.

80’s:  The best decade to grow up.  Big hair, great music, great parties, one of the best presidents ever, Anne of Green Gables was adapted into film.

90’s:  My lifelong prayer was answered – my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter — my joy in life.

2000 (so far):  The raising of my daughter, the death of my dad, my divorce, worst president to ever be elected, Sept 11, 2001

2010’s:  Working from home began, more quality time with my wonderful family, a better school for my daughter

35.  Which decade do you feel the most special connection to and why?  ’90s – nothing was as special nor as important before my daughter came along.  Everything that happened before her sort of faded away.

36.  What is your favorite oldie/classic rock song?  oldie:  Billie Holiday’s ‘The Very Thought of You,’ classic rock:  Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb, ‘ Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now,’ although that would be considered jazz or pop

37.  What country do you live in and who is the leader of that country?  America.  They call Barack Obama the leader of this country, although I would not consider him to be much of a leader.

If you could say any sentence to the current leader of your country what would it be?  If you find God and Jesus and put them first in your life, read the Bible and pray, you might be able to look after our country and its people with a new and better vision.

38.  What’s your favorite TV channel to watch in the middle of the night?

There is no such tv channel.  In the middle of the night, I would choose to sleep or else watch something we taped on the DVR or stick in a DVD.

39.  What Disney villain are you the most like and why?  Maleficent (from the latest film version played by Angelina Jolie), because if someone had terribly wronged me after I trusted them like she had done, I would have done something similar out of anger and then wanted to undo it after realizing the terrible decision I had made.


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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