Conversation with God and Jesus

Sometimes I wish you could just wrap your arms around me

Wrap me up and hold me tight

Tell me everything is gonna be alright

Tell me no matter what I do or say

You love me anyway

There’s nothing I can ever do

To make you not love me

I wish I felt that way about myself

How do you get to the point of loving yourself?

Or at least loving yourself enough

I wish you could tell me what the next step is

Along my path, this life’s journey on earth

I know it’s but a blink in time to you

Heaven is eternity but earthly life is but a millisecond

I wish it felt that way to me sometimes

Certain things make life seem so slow and daunting

Other things make it go by so fast

Especially while watching children grow

Sometimes I’m filled with such glee and joy

And other times, such sadness, depression and fear

Can’t you give me a hint?

Did I make a mistake?

I know you tested me

I’m just unsure if I passed or failed

Part of me feels such relief

While I partly feel afraid and guilty

Tell me how to feel

Show me how to be

Let me feel your love for me

Fill me with your joy

Your happiness

Make me thankful

Oh, how I am thankful

Make me more

Show me where to focus my eyes

My heart and my mind

Let me rest in you

Give me peace

And show me how I can be more

Or show me that I’m enough


4 thoughts on “Conversation with God and Jesus

  1. Merryn says:

    Such a beautiful poem straight from the heart! Thankyou so much for your inspirational writing – I want to recognise your blog with A Very Inspirational Blogger Award. No obligation to participate, but if you have the time and you would like to, head over to my page at and you will find the instructions there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my! You are precious! Thank you for your kind words and that’s so sweet of you to award my blog. I stopped participating in awards about a year ago but I feel so honored, you’ve inspired me to begin participating again. Thank you, friend! *hug*

      Liked by 1 person

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