Writing Manifesto


The Daily Post put out a new challenge: Manifesto, which I had to grab right up:

Here is my Manifesto. Please join in this fun challenge as you might help someone else with your Manifesto.

Writing Manifesto

I will write daily, even if only for 30 minutes, as that’s the amount of time it usually takes to get my mojo going.

When my muse wakes me in the middle of the night, I will get up at that very moment and write down what the voices are saying. I will write every little detail – the sounds, the environment, the smells, the way the place feels, what I’m (the character) feeling, the colors or lack thereof.

When I fear I’m not good enough, I’ll write anyway.

When others tell me I suck as a writer, I’ll write anyway.

When others tell me I’ll never make it as a writer, I’ll write anyway.

When I tell myself I cannot do it, I’ll do it anyway.

When I fear success, I’ll power through it anyway.

When I fear failure, I’ll write anyway.

When I am sick, I’ll write anyway.

When I’m on vacation, I’ll write anyway.

When I want to procrastinate because I think I have something more important to do, I’ll write anyway.

When I’ve finished writing the book, I will read and revise and reorganize and edit and polish and read and read again. And then, I’ll read it again to see what other changes need to be made. I’ll employ my Beta readers and take their feedback into consideration. When I feel the book is ready, I will attempt to publish.

I will attempt to publish again and again until my book receives acceptance. If my book is rejected 150 times, I will attempt to publish another 50 times and then, after that, perhaps choose to change the query letter or book.

A rejection of my book is not a rejection of me. They are two separate entities. Just because my book will be rejected, and it will, I will not take it personally. This is part of the job and I understand that. I may have a 30 minute pity party, should I feel I need it, of wine (whine) and cheese, and then I will press on and send the query out to the next publisher(s).

I will believe in myself.

I will believe in my book.

I will tell myself every day that my book is wonderful and it needs to be out there in the world so the stories of these beautiful characters may be known and loved as I love them.

I will not stop until I have reached the goals I have set for myself with this book.

And then, I will start the next book.



Photo courtesy of jessicadavidson.co.uk


20 thoughts on “Writing Manifesto

  1. This is a great manifesto for any writer, I think–especially the part about distinguishing yourself as a separate entity from your book. I just wrote a piece on my own experience with writing rejection (I got even more acquainted with it last week, unfortunately), and I know how hard it can be not to take personally. Yet, it’s critical not only for self-preservation, but for persevering on with your work. Best of luck!

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    • Aw, shucks. Thank you, friend. Yes, I tell myself again and again it’s not me, it’s the book, and maybe it’s not the book, just not the right publisher for the book. I know what you mean, though. Rejection is truly tough with whatever you try to accomplish and it’s nearly impossible to not take it personally, but we have to work so hard to press through it and not suffer defeat. We won’t ever get anywhere in life if we choose the route of the loser; the defeated; the failure. Never say die! 😉 Sorry to hear of your rejection last week. It’s happened to me, too, but if it’s something that’s burning in our soul, it’s just something we have to do and keep going for it no matter what. You are so right! Best of luck to you too! *hug*

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  2. ” I will write anyway…” Salute to your spirit of writing.

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  3. cobbies69 says:

    You will do it anyway, no matter what!!!!! 😉

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  4. […] writing manifesto (adjustingyourfocus.wordpress.com) […]


  5. Lots of really good affirmations! I like that you have factored in a 30 min pity party, but keep moving after enjoying the wine (whine) and cheese. All the best with your writing!

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    • Thank you! Yeah, it’s hard not to have a pity party after any sort of sting from rejection and we need to mourn/grieve but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to stay there for long before getting on with it, ya know? Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment! And I wish the best for you and your writing, as well, friend.

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  6. jgroeber says:

    Ah, such sound advice. Write, write, write. Believe, believe, believe.
    Got it.


  7. Michael says:

    Nice manifesto, Carol! Much success to you!


  8. Megan L. says:

    I need to post this manifesto by my computer 🙂

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  9. missndc says:

    I am right there with you.

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