Trying to Enjoy the View

view  This was my view this afternoon while sitting in my front porch swing.  See the little patch on the ground past the shadow of the crepe myrtle?  A tree used to be in that spot.  A very large shady pecan tree that my grandpa planted there years and years ago.  In fact, that was one of my favorite climbing trees as a child.  We’d come visit here in the summer and my brother and I would climb that tree, among others.  I’d lay out in the sun and a squirrel that lived in that tree would come down and pay me a visit.

That tree held so many memories for me.  Good and bad.  When Hurricane Katrina hit, it took out a chunk of limbs along with the power lines and pulled it all down in the driveway.  Much of the tree was rotting and so, naturally, the best option was to take it down before it took out power lines again or a car.

I will forever miss that tree.  It looks and feels like a completely different yard — so desolate, so brightly lit.  I love my shade!  I love my trees!  Call me a tree hugger if you want.  I will not deny it.  God save the trees!!!

Still, as I mourn the loss of the tree, the view of the approaching storm is quite breathtaking.  The photo doesn’t do the sky justice.  The stormy blue was much darker to the eye and the shades of green more vibrant.





4 thoughts on “Trying to Enjoy the View

  1. cobbies69 says:

    I used to have an apple tree, I would sit with and play my guitar, hippy days and long hair and peace.. like yours it is no longer there….but my memory is. 😉


    • Oh how lovely I imagine that apple tree was and I can so visualize you with your earlier days of long hair playing that guitar. So sad when they leave us, like a longtime close family friend. Yes, we will always have the memories. I’m glad I have pictures of Hallie playing beneath it. 😉


  2. udoji75 says:

    A flash from the past. 🙂

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