Where Is God? Where Did He Go?

questionDon’t misunderstand.  Many miracles have been performed in my short life so I know God has shown up.  I have much to be thankful for and I’ve been showered with blessings — my daughter, my mother, true friends, our homes, our land, the vehicles we drive, different interesting and fun jobs, the ability to work from home so I can raise my child, forgiveness, love and laughter — just to name a few.  But as many struggles take place in our lives, I suppose our faith (or lack of) is tested.

I realize we weren’t promised a rose garden.  We were warned this life wouldn’t be an easy one.  We are asked to believe in God and in Jesus and what Jesus did and still does for us.  I believe all that without question.  Miracles have transpired to cause me to believe in God.  I’ve never questioned Jesus.  I have a great love for him.  And it’s not that I don’t love God.  I do.

A friend brought up some relevant questions concerning God that have me questioning his intentions.  Actually, I had already been questioning.  While I understand we are not supposed to question God and we do not have the capability of ever understanding his reasons or intentions of why he does what, isn’t it the human condition to question when it comes to things that are so tragic and impossible to understand?  I mean, it’s in our nature to want to understand, right?

We are expected to have blind faith, to rely on God, to trust in him and not to worry.  We are not to worry about tomorrow because it’s not here yet.  But what about today?

What about the person who lost their home because they didn’t have enough money to pay their mortgage?  And they didn’t have any family they could stay with until they got back up on their feet?

What about the homeless man that’s too far away from a shelter or food pantry to eat or sleep?

What about these horrific acts of terrorism that abruptly and senselessly steal the lives of hundreds and even thousands of people (men, women, children, infants)?  How are we to make sense of this?

How are we to send our tiny innocent children to school when a crazy person might show up and change our lives forever, breaking us, tearing away pieces of our soul?  We are not supposed to live in fear because exhibiting doubt, worry and fear is to not fully trust and have faith in God?  How can we not live in fear when all this is going on around us?  Our God is bigger?  Bigger than we can understand?  Bigger than all these tragedies?

We are supposed to pray and petition God daily.  We are to put our faith and trust and reliance in him to take care of us and to answer our prayers.  All we have to do is ask and trust and believe.  That’s what the Bible tells us.  But the Bible was written by man, yes?  By several different men, in fact.  It’s been translated so many times, has it not been twisted to distort or even completely eradicate the truth?  Some words and meanings in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek (the original texts) do not even have correct English translation.  Just something to think about.

I read Matthew 7:7 (NIV) all the time:  “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  As well as Matthew 21:22:  “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”  And Mark 11:24:  “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”  While I realize when we ask God for something (and yes, I know he’s not Santa), his answer to a prayer can be no, don’t these verses say “it will be given to you?”  And I know that it’s in his time, not mine.  I’m glad he waited on some of the answers he’s delivered.  Sometimes, he’s been lightning fast to answer, which I’m also happy with, thank You, God, by the way.

What about the other stuff?  How are we to make sense of these things that make no sense?  God has a reason for everything.  I understand that.  But what are we to do with that?  How do we get out of bed in the morning when we know what could be potentially waiting just outside that door?  How do we let our children out of our sight for a moment?  Why does he wait so long to answer when we do need him right away?  Why does he perform a miracle to cause a non-believer to all the sudden believe but not do this for another?  He doesn’t give us more than we can handle?  What about the person who just committed suicide because she just couldn’t take it any longer?

At times, I’ve felt God turned his back on me.  I know deep down in my heart that it’s not true.  He’d never do that.  Even though I can be filled with bitterness, anger, resentment and blame and even scream out at him with what can be a trash mouth at times, he does not and will never turn his back on me.  I have found great comfort in this.  At other times, I feel the need to turn my back on him.  Yes, I said it.  I feel a bit of guilt admitting this but I’m just being real.  How many of you have felt the same?  And I consider myself a Christian.  I am a Christian.  I am also human and filled with human emotion and feel the need to express myself to God and to Jesus.  I know they understand my heart so I feel a little less guilt for being real.  God appreciates authenticity more than fake respect/reverence.

No, I’ve not read all of the Bible, yet, but I’m working on it.  I also know the devil can tempt you to do bad things and maybe it’s the devil tempting me to question God.  But maybe it’s also my humanness to question.

Don’t you question?

What do you believe?

How do you deal with all the struggles of daily living and all the evil that’s in the world, just outside your front door?

How do you deal with not knowing?  Not understanding?

How has your faith been tested?

And how do you stay faithful?

Do you believe it’s sinful to question God?



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Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

13 thoughts on “Where Is God? Where Did He Go?”

  1. Personally I think it is in our nature to question. If we did not there would be so much the human race would not have experienced/understood/invented.
    Our lives, however, are filled with choices – choices that we personally make and choices that others make. We experience obstacles that shape our lives and experiences. And we live in a world that does not only have God in it – but also those that are against God. We cannot say that God doesn’t exist because bad things happen. He gave us choice – and living in this world presents us with it. You lose your house it is up to you to choose how to respond. God will be there with you if you believe.
    And if you question ans still believe, is not your faith stronger for it?

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    1. I believe that it’s in our nature to question, also. I like the point you made.

      I get the choices thing on our part as well as on the part of others but what I don’t get, and perhaps I’m wrong to say this, but it seems so cruel for God to test us. To me, this is not a God showing love. What about, “ask and you shall receive?” He says he doesn’t lie and he keeps his promises and we are supposed to keep our faith no matter how much he tests us. I know life isn’t fair but how long are we to wait till we “receive?” It’s not like we ask for a million dollars, although I’m sure many do. What about emotional healing, physical healing, a job when you need one, help when you ask for it? Even when you take action on your part to get help, why does God not meet you half way? I just don’t get the “ask and you’ll receive” part. I mean, many times, I did receive wonderful answers and I’m glad he waited in some cases but when we need him now for something so easy for him, I don’t understand why he doesn’t help. It just seems he’s being cruel. How long are we supposed to wait before we just throw in the towel? For those of us who have waited, struggled and continued to have faith, yet he still doesn’t answer, I just don’t understand a God who would not help when called upon when he can so easily do anything and everything.

      “And if you question and still believe, is not your faith stronger for it?” That’s a great question and point. I honestly don’t know. I mean, I question and I will always ‘believe in him’, because I know that he’s there. I know he’s real. He’s proven his existence so I cannot question it. But I feel my faith wanes when I know he’s listening, I know he hears me, I know he sees our struggles, yet he does nothing (or I feel he does nothing) to help when I know he can. And I’m not just speaking about for me, personally, but for friends and family members and strangers who are struggling just to hold on another day.


      1. Sometimes we are not ready to hear. God helps us through the people around us. I was not ready to listen and therefore did not heed the help offered by others. But once I was ready, I was able to take the help that God offered through these people. He does help – but maybe not in he way we would expect Him to.

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      2. Wow, you are certainly right about that: “…maybe not in the way we would expect Him to.” I know He has helped me through several people, especially my closest family members who are also my best friends, with whom I’d be completely lost without, as well as my other best friend, who, thankfully, is a good Christian woman who understands me pretty well, which blows my mind daily. And I get that sometimes we’re not ready to hear. We hold on to our anger and frustration and lack of faith and we won’t let go of that and grab on to Him. I go back and forth with this and I’m sure he gets so tired of it — one week, being so strong in my faith and relying on him, and then the next week, pointing my finger at him in anger, saying ‘Why won’t you help?! What is wrong with you?!” It’s so hard for me to receive help from others sometimes, I’m so stubborn and hard-headed but I know you’re right. Thank you for that reminder. 😉


      3. May God continue to bless you. And you are blessed as He has put people around you who support you. I thank Him everyday for doing that for me. There was a time I forgot and I was not happy. Now that I remember and I count my blessings, I know He is there.
        With a great big virtual hug, your sister in Christ.

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      4. Thank you, sister! And may God continue to bless you, as well. I do know I’m blessed with much more than I deserve. It makes me feel guilty for complaining to him. I thank him every day for those loved ones, also, even if that’s all I happen to say to him, since I’m irritated with him a bit right now. 😉 I do remember a time when I truly didn’t have anyone but that’s most definitely changed and I’m so happy about that!! A great big hug right back! *squish* And I do thank God for friends like you and ‘atimetoshare,’ which make the world seem a little bit smaller.


  2. There will always be tragedy and strife in this world. It isn’t easy for us to understand and we can’t see any good coming from any of it, but God is consistent. Everything He does has a purpose. For example in regard to the Malaysian air crash, there were folks that missed that flight as well as those who perished. God still is there in every instance. We naturally question His reasoning, but He really does know what He’s doing. Our faith is put into question daily. Maybe these things happen so we place our trust in God’s unfailing love.

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    1. The tragedy and strife part — sometimes I feel as if he created us to play his little minions in his game of Life, to test us and allow us to be tortured and force us to struggle, just to see how many of us can be broken and how many of us will continue to have faith in him. He knows I trust no one. I mean, you can love and adore people and tell them what’s in your heart and your secrets but still have your protective walls up, because you know they can/will let you down/hurt you. How does he expect me to trust him when I ask and ask and have faith and believe it’ll come to pass, and I’m talking about little stuff, and it just doesn’t happen?

      Just for instance (one of so many), someone you love, this great wonderful person, this great Christian who witnesses and always sides with God, goes through so much pain on a daily basis and tries to get help from doctors again and again and again and still there is no relief and they continue to work a hard job and struggle through the pain, God or Jesus can so easily heal this person, yet nothing.

      I guess I just don’t understand and will never understand how he can say “ask and you’ll receive” and not keep his word. What’s the purpose in that? I realize I’m speaking in anger and it’s probably coming out all rude and hateful and I know it’s not supposed to be an easy life. I just don’t see how we can learn to trust him if he doesn’t keep his word. That doesn’t feel like he has unfailing love. I mean, deep down, I know he loves us because of Jesus and he sent him on our behalf. I get we are not supposed to understand. How are we to trust and have faith when he doesn’t keep his promises? How are we to believe what the Bible says if he doesn’t keep his word? How long are we supposed to wait?


      1. I wish I could give you the reassurance that he does answer your prayers. I do know what you mean, but the devil is working too. He loves it when we doubt God’s plans for us. Faith isn’t easy. It takes years to get it and even then you will be put to the test. Hang in there. God loves you and he won’t give you more than you can bear. God bless you. You are so much more than a minion to him!

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  3. Spoken like a true woman of God. You sound just like my mother. I’d say most of the time I have faith, or maybe a little more than half way? It’s tested almost constantly and I’m so weak when it comes to trust and faith in anyone, even in myself. I’m not sure if I believe he won’t give me more than I can bear. A woman I used to work for committed suicide a few months ago. She obviously had too much to bear. Some are too weak to handle their load. And I guess they give up waiting on him to help them. God bless you, too. Sometimes, I feel like more than a minion to him. Sometimes I feel he sees me as an ant — small, yet bothersome and a painful burden.


    1. You are not small, insignificant, a minion or a pawn on hi chess board. He loves you so much he paid the ransom to get you back into his arms. Don’t you forget that. Spoken as a mother. I have three grown children and still worry about them. I care about you too. Don’t give up!

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  4. You’re so sweet! I know he loves me. In my heart, I do. My mind fights me on it sometimes. I’ll try not to forget it. I know, we will always worry about our children, no matter how much older or successful they become. Trying hard to find more faith. Thank you! 😉


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