Genesis 48

Joseph is told his father is ill, so he takes his sons Manasseh and Ephraim along with him to see Jacob.  Once there, Jacob explains to Joseph that God had appeared to him and blessed him, saying, “I’m going to make you fruitful and increase your numbers.  I will make you a community of peoples, and will give this land forever to your descendants after you.”  Jacob further explains that Ephraim and Manasseh will become his sons rather than Joseph’s.  Any children born to Joseph after them will be Joseph’s.  (Confusing, right?)  In the territory they inherit, they will be reckoned under the names of their brothers.

As Jacob/Israel was returning from Paddan, Rachel died in Canaan, a little distance from Ephrath.  So he buried her there beside the road to Ephrath” (that is, Bethlehem).  When Israel saw the sons of Joseph, he asked, “Who are these?” “They are the sons God has given me here,” Joseph said.  Then Israel said, “Bring them to me so I may bless them.”  Israel’s eyes were failing because of old age, and he could hardly see.  So Joseph brought his sons close to him.  But Israel reached out his right hand and put it on Ephraim’s head, though he was the younger, and crossing his arms, he put his left hand on Manasseh’s head, even though Manasseh was the firstborn.  Then he blessed Joseph and said, “May God bless these boys.  May they increase greatly upon the earth.”

When Joseph saw his father placing his right hand on Ephraim’s head he was displeased; so he moved his father’s hand from Ephraim’s head to Manasseh’s head.  Joseph said to him, “No, my father, this one is the firstborn; put your right hand on his head.”  But his father refused and said, “I know.  He will also become a people, and he will become great.  However, his younger brother will be greater, and his descendants will become a group of nations.”  He blessed them that day and put Ephraim ahead of Manasseh.  Then Israel said to Joseph, “I’m about to die, but God will be with you and take you back to the land of your fathers.  And to you, as one who is over your brothers, I give the ridge of land I took from the Amorites with my sword and my bow.”

That’s it today.  I don’t quite get the different peeps in the Bible claiming children as their own when they are not.  I don’t get the names changing from one to the other and back again.  Just a few of the items that perplex me, but then we aren’t supposed to understand it all, right?  Well, I’m trying to anyway.  If anyone out there has a theory, please share.

Aside from the Bible study, still working too much to find time to do Camp Nanowrimo, but it’s still early in the game and I will possibly integrate some Nano time in the upcoming week.  Good luck all you Campers!!  I might show up late but hey, save me some s’mores.  Oh, well, I’m abstaining from extra sugar, so maybe just save me a cracker?  *sniff*

Oh, and if you are interested in a great type of prayer that TOTALLY worked fast for me, holla (comment me below), and I’ll share.

Lata!  *smooch*



Author: Carol B Sessums

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