Can I Get Your Opinion?

When I first asked this question to several people, I got more of an answer for story number 2.  They said that to read about depression would be depressing; the ones who claim to not have depression do not wish to understand it; and some are put off regarding reading about God, thinking that everything relating to God will be somehow religious.  Lately, I’ve been asking people again about the books and I’m getting more answers for story number 1.  A few have said both.  I’d like for you, the readers, to weigh in, if you would on which you would be more enticed to read.

Please pick which book you would be more apt to read:

1) on depression and God; how this person takes action to improve their level of depression, how to deal with God and how he plays into it all; helping one understand how to deal with someone in their life with depression — this would be written by someone with a lifelong history battling depression, not with a degree in psychology, so this is not a clinical book; more of one’s story overcoming obstacles — humor, anger, love, sarcasm, real life and just finding calm and carrying on (yes, I said it); or

2) on a teenage girl born of a witch and vampire, having her powers bound as an infant and adopted by nonmagical parents (raised in the South) to protect her from the crimes committed against her birth family and the entire magical world. After a tragic series of events, she’s thrust into a crash course in magic (humorous as well as terrifying trial and error) when she discovers she has magical powers she never wanted and is depended upon for ending the war ensuing between the magic and nonmagic worlds, or at least part of the war… — humor, love, small amount of romantic tension, tragedy, action, friendship, mystery/ suspense, sci-fi/fantasy/adventure…

Thank you.  I appreciate your opinion and your comments.  Toodles!  😉


8 thoughts on “Can I Get Your Opinion?

  1. udoji75 says:

    Personally, I will apt for the first that talked about depression and God.


  2. cobbies69 says:

    being a little hypocritical,, fantasy and vampires stories are very popular and can be a success, while the othe title I feel might of great emotion and feeling for you..which I would say needs more than a month of rushed writing. So for the challenge I would say I would have to opt for the vampire etc story. good luck Squidge. [you will do it what ever you choose. 😉


    • Yes, I do love the fastasy stories, as well. I’ve actually gotten most of the meat of the depression and God book together as I’ve been working on it since October but then distractions flew in from everywhere and am just now getting back to it. It has been flowing from my brain very quickly. Actually, the 30 days of rushed writing is a good practice, since when I actually DO it, I give myself the time to get it done. If I sit and do it, it gets done. I don’t have to really think of what to write. I already know. It’s just making the time. Yeah, I think I can finish the D&G book first and get it done and then work on the others. Thanks, squish! And thanks for your vote of confidence. I’ve been thinking about you. I hope you are getting back to feeling like your old self. Be well. (hugs) 😉


  3. cobbies69 says:

    just incase misunderstood, I meant hypocritical on my part,, as it is fantasy that I have written,, elves dwarves dragons etc.


  4. I hesitate to comment since I already weighed in last time about what I thought of about both projects. Anyway, my new suggestion is, write whichever you feel strongest about first. AND THEN, write the other one. In other words, write both. Different markets, different purposes. Altho IMO 1st one is still more useful.


    • Oh, never hesitate to comment. I love to hear from you and the more input I have, the better off I am with deciding which to work on first. It offers guidance and insight and I appreciate it. I do agree with you. The depression & God book does hold much more meaning to me and is in my soul to share. I think others would benefit greatly from the story, journey and thoughts/positive steps to improving their life/struggles/understanding. I believe I’ve decided to finish that one first, then work on the fantasy series. Thank you for your thoughts. 😉


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