Genesis 43 thru 46

Day 41 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

Genesis 43 -When all the grain had been eaten, their father told them to go back and buy more, but Judah said the man warned them that they would not see his face again unless they brought their brother.  Israel/Jacob allowed them to take Benjamen but also to bring gifts for the man, as well as double the amount of silver for fear of thinking the silver placed in their sacks was a mistake.  So the brothers went, along with Benjamen and the gifts and double the silver to Egypt to present themselves to Joseph.

Joseph saw Benjamen with them and told the steward of his house to take the men there, slaughter an animal and prep dinner, that they’d eat with him.  The brothers were frightened as they thought they were to be attacked because of the silver so they explained about the silver to the steward and they also brought gifts and extra silver.  The steward calmed their nerves saying the God of your father has given you treasure in your sacks.  He brought Simeon out to them, brought them water to wash their feet and gave fodder for their donkeys.  When Joseph arrived, they presented the gifts and bowed before him to the ground.  When he saw Benjamen, Joseph had to leave to weep, then a bit later returned and they all ate.  The brothers were seated in order of their ages, oldest to youngest and Benjamen’s portion was 5 times as much as anyone else’s.

Hallie said:  The brothers returned to Egypt to return the silver that they thought was a mistake given back to them and Joseph told them it was there from God and the brothers and Joseph and some other Egyptians had a feast and Joseph figured out that Benjamen was his brother when he first saw him.

Gen 44 – Joseph’s silver cup was put in Benjamen’s sack and they were headed home until Joseph’s servant came to them as they had not gotten far and the servant searched all their bags and found the cup in the youngest brother’s bag (Benjamen) and they headed back to the city and they plead their innocence, that they had committed no crime.

They were all given grain and silver in their packs to return home and when the servant caught up to them, the brothers said whoever took the cup will surely die and the rest of us will become your slaves, so when the steward found the cup, all the brothers had to return to the city and they plead their innocence before Joseph.

Joseph said to leave Benjamen as his slave and allowed the rest of the brothers to return home.  Then Judah begged Joseph to let Benjamen return and keep Judah instead as his slave and explained that not returning Benjamen to his father would surely kill him.  Judah explained that they would not be able to return to their father without Benjamen.

Gen 45 – Joseph told all the servants to leave him and his brothers alone and he told his brothers that he’s their brother that they sold to Egypt.  Joseph told them to not be afraid or to feel badly for selling him, that it was God’s will because he needed to save lives by preparing for the current 7 year famine.  He tells all his brothers to go back to where their father resides and tell him of Joseph and all that they have seen and all Joseph said and then tell their father to bring his children, grandchildren, flocks, herds and all he has to live in Goshen near Joseph.  Joseph promised to provide for them.  Pharoah was very pleased that Joseph’s brothers had come and he told them to bring their father back and they would all have the best Egypt had to offer.  He sent with them carts, donkeys, food, provisions, clothes and the list goes on to show Jacob/Israel and to gift him and his families and told him to not bother with their belongings, that they would have the best of everything when they came back.  Jacob/Israel did not believe his sons at first but when he saw everything that was brought with them and listened to all they had told him, he believed and was ready to go see Joseph.

Gen 46 – Jacob brings all of his offspring and herds to Egypt to live in Goshen and this chapter names all of his wives and children and grandchildren, 70 in all.  God told Jacob that it was good to go.  Joseph told his brothers and his father’s household, “I will go up and speak to Pharaoh and will say to him, ‘My brothers and my father’s household, who were living in the land of Canaan, have come to me.  The men are shepherds; they tend livestock, and they have brought along their flocks and herds and everything they own.’  When Pharaoh calls you in and asks, ‘What is your occupation?’ you should answer, ‘Your servants have tended livestock from our boyhood on, just as our fathers did.’ Then you will be allowed to settle in the region of Goshen, for all shepherds are detestable to the Egyptians.”


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