The Death of Sarah

Day 25 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

Hallie has a sore throat and a bit congested, so I’ve drugged my child and sent her to bed.  Actually, I gave her some Benadryl and she fell asleep on her own.  She woke up long enough to ask for supper and went back to sleep.  I cooked her some fish and chips, woke her, she ate and back to bed she went.  Bless her.  So, I’m doing the Bible study on my own tonight.  I’ll catch her up when she’s feeling better.

Genesis 23 – Sarah died at the age of 127 at Kiriath Arba (that is, Hebron) in the land of Canaan, and Abraham  mourned Sarah and cried over her.  Then Abraham rose from beside her and spoke to the Hittites.  He asked them to sell him property for a burial site so he could bury Sarah.  They replied in approval, for him to bury his dead in the choicest of their tombs.  Then Abraham asked if they would intercede with Ephron son of Zohar on his behalf so he will sell Abraham the cave of Machpelah, which belongs to him and is at the end of his field.  Ephron the Hittite was there and told Abraham he could have the field and the cave in it.  Abraham offered to Ephron the full price of the field.  Ephron explained the land is worth four hundred shekels of silver, but take the land and bury your dead.  Abraham weighed out for him the price he had named in the hearing of the Hittites: four hundred shekels of silver, according to the weight current among the merchants. 

So Ephron’s field in Machpelah near Mamre–both the field and the cave in it, and all the trees within the borders of the field–was deeded to Abraham as his property in the presence of all the Hittites who had come to the gate of the city.  Afterward Abraham buried his wife Sarah in the cave in the field of Machpelah near Mamre (which is at Hebron) in the land of Canaan.  So the field and the cave in it were deeded to Abraham by the Hittites as a burial site. 


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