Hagar and Ishmael

Day 21 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

Genesis 16 – This chapter grosses me and Hallie completely out.  For a woman to tell her husband, “Go sleep with my servant and let her be your baby mama,” is disgusting.  Blegh!

So, here’s the deal.  Sarai, Abram’s wife recognized that she had not been able to bear his children, so she allowed her maidservant, Hagar to have his kid.  Abram married Hagar and got her pregnant.  Once she became pregnant, Sarai started mistreating her and Hagar fled.  The angel of the Lord spoke to H telling her to return and submit to S and that she would have a son and name him Ishmael and the angel of the Lord would reward H.  A was 86 when H bore him I.

And that’s the short and sweet of it.  Okay, maybe not so sweet, but short.  A longer one tomorrow, hopefully, if time permits.

Have a groovy Friday and God bless!


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