The Lord Speaks

Day 15 of Reading the Bible in 365 Day

Job 36 – Elihu goes on to explain how God sees how people suffer.  He does not take his eyes off of the righteous, nor of the wicked.  He sees all.  He knows all.  If people are to repent of their evil ways and do as he commands, then they will be rewarded.  If they continue in their evil ways, they will be severely punished.  Elihu also explains how mighty and powerful God is, what he has done and still does.  We are to listen to follow God’s lessons.  He is greater than all understanding.  He is to be praised.

Job 37 – This chapter explains how God controls the clouds, rain, thunder, lightning, winds, ice, snow, etc.  His power is beyond all comprehension.  Elihu asks Job to stop and just consider all God’s wonders.

Job 38 – The Lord speaks to Job out of the storm.  God questions Job and calls him out on Job’s use of words that lack knowledge.  He asks Job about all that God has done in his infinite wisdom, on how he created everything, and made everything work for its good and God’s good and the good of all living on the earth.  God goes into great detail on so many things he has done, pretty much making Job look and sound about as small as a speck of dust.  I believe I would have crawled under a rock at this point.  But since there is nowhere to go to hide from God, that would have been pointless, and I suppose it would have been completely disrespectful to not face the one I’ve been accusing.  The greatest one of all.

Job 39 – God speaks further of many of his different wild creatures, how some have no sense, how others are fierce and live with abandon and fear nothing.  He basically just describes some of them in this chapter further questioning Job if he already knew all this stuff, since Job acts like he knows so much of what God thinks and does and has done.


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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