Day 10 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

Job 16-20

Job criticizes the previous speakers, supposedly his friends, who have offered no encouragement nor words of comfort.  He complains to God of devastating his household, for bringing him nothing but neverending torment.

He speaks of all his darkness and how the grave awaits him.

Bildad the Shuhite told Job to be sensible and then maybe they could talk.  He did not appreciate Job considering he and the others stupid.  Bildad explains the fate of an evil man, a man who knows not God.

Job questions how long his so-called friends will attack him with their words and accusations.  If he has gone astray, his error is his concern alone and not their business.  He tells of how God has wronged him time and time again and has forced everyone that has ever known him against him to spit in his face and ridicule him.  Even his wife finds him offensive.  Job 19 was a bit confusing to us both but it ended with him claiming that he knows his Redeemer lives and that he will see God, so I suppose he’s been angry, hurt, tortured and accusing God of doing all this to him, which, in my opinion, God did, because he allowed Satan to do these things, while at the same time, claiming God for his own and still loving him.

You might be asking how you could love someone who has allowed all this torture.  Well, if you have ever been married…  I’m just saying, your spouse, your children, your parents, people that are the closest to you sometimes put you through Hell (maybe not as bad as this, but torturous, nonetheless) and you can still admit to loving them, you still claim them (or you do sometimes), you still honor them and keep them close to your heart.  They are your family.

Am I wrong to say that God did this to Job?  God allowed Satan to do these things.  Does this not make God as guilty?  Don’t misunderstand.  We LOVE God.  We praise and worship him.  We only wish to understand his Word, His Book and our history, as this is our history Book.  But in all truth, when you allow someone to do something and you rule over this person or spirit or entity or whatever, are you not to face the same guilt as the one you sent or the one you allowed to do the thing?  I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.  Please share.

Hallie says that God is not as guilty as Satan because it was Satan who did all these things to Job.

I’m on the fence.  Not to make God look bad and not meaning to be disrespectful to Him, just wanting to understand Him a little better is all.

In Job 20, Zophar the Naamathite replied with all that befalls an evil person — many, many vulgar disgusting and disturbing descriptions here.  If you are evil and purposely deprive the poor and do other things that you know are evil, surely you will turn from your ways when you read what your fate will be.  Although, later in the Bible, Jesus comes and changes this part of history (the future parts of the Bible) so evil man’s fate changes somewhat.  But if you don’t believe in Jesus and what he has done for you, you can act good and be good and serve others as far as the day is long but if you are not a believer, you will surely suffer what horrific things these evil ones endured.  Such is the fate God allots the wicked.

If you want to be a believer, and be saved, it’s really easy.  There’s no long ritual and you don’t have to drive a long way to get to any special place and you don’t have to have anyone there to help you.  You just know that God sent his son Jesus for you, every single one of you, and me, to save us.  He did this because He loves us.  Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, so that anyone who believes in him will live forever in heaven with God and Jesus forever.  You need only ask Jesus to come into your heart and forgive you.  Ask for him to come into your heart and live there and I promise you that he will and your life will be forever changed.  Easy right?  And you can do it right now, right there, right where you are.  He’s always listening and he’s always eagerly awaiting your invitation.


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days”

  1. God’s intentions for us and good and not evil and so He can never be guilty but satan’s intentions are full of evil and always looking for who he will destroy and so very guilty. This is my thought. Have a wonderful weekend 😉


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