Day 7 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

I just wanted to add something from one of the days before.  I said that Job had lost everything but he had not lost his wife.

Job 6 thru 9

Hallie and I agree that Job 6 reads beautifully.  Job is complaining and ready for death, hoping for God to crush him.  We believe that Job is accusing God of being unjust in terrorizing the blameless right along with the wicked.  He punished and tortures those who are good and those who are evil.

Job 7 – Hallie says, “Oh, so true.”  She feels that God is torturous, or at least at times, it feels that way.  I, too, have felt that way quite often.  In this chapter, Job is accusing God of torturing him and testing him every single moment and questions him as to why, why can’t God just leave him alone and let him die, look for him no more.  Do you ever feel God is testing you every minute of every day?  And in those darkest of times when there seems to be no light that you can find, God sticks the fork in and twists it?  I have felt that way.  Hallie has too.  We have blamed God for our misfortune, our problems, struggles, depression.  Do you feel God is to blame?  Do you feel the devil is to blame?  Do you blame yourself or someone else?

Job 8 is spoken by Bildad the Shuhite.  He replies to Job and defends God suggesting that Job plead with God and God will relieve him and bring him joy and happiness once again.

Hallie says the Book of Job is really deep.  Indeed it is.

Job 9 – Hallie says, “Deep, bro, deep.”

Job expresses the injustice that God brings with all the suffering, all the torture of the righteous and of the wicked.  He punishes them all.  He mocks the innocent as if it brings him joy to cause their suffering and pain and sorrow.  Job wishes there was a way to plead his case with God in court but knows that his own words would make him guilty and knowing that God could crush him in a blink puts him in great fear.  He knows God can destroy him in an instant and make his pain and suffering even greater than it is now.

Until tomorrow my dear lovelies, sweet dreams.


5 thoughts on “Day 7 of Reading the Bible in 365 Days

  1. udoji75 says:

    God is love and He is not to be blamed for whatever temptation we are going through. He allows the satan to tempte us to know how faithful we can be. Have a sweet dream too 🙂


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