Doing Somethin’ A Little Crazy

Ok.  Maybe a lot crazy.

I will post to this blog this weekend and update everything (adjusting your focus).  But I’ve also just now started a new blog.  It’s not a photo blog.  It’s a health and wellness blog.  A fitness/work out and diet blog.  Nothing to do with photos except maybe my before and after shots.  Starting with my before shot as my header.  Then, will change to the “new me” header when I’m done.  And maybe posting shots along the way, although I’m not fond of posting pics of myself.

90 day plan.  Losing all the weight I’m planning on losing.  I’m challenging myself.  I’m killin’ myself with these workouts. I’m crazy.  I’m hungry.

Sweating my butt off.  And that’s a good thing.

So, if ya wanna check out my craziness, or if you need support in your fitness and weight loss challenge, or you just want to offer your support in my insanity, come on over.

90 Days – Flab to Fab


Can One Fall Off The Earth?

No, I suppose one cannot fall off the Earth, although my friends out there have probably been assuming I did.  I have not forgotten you guys nor have I forgotten the blog.  I have been self employed since May, working simultaneously for three jobs and between 30 to 45 hours a week, give or take.  Not much time for anything fun, except work, although we did take a lovely vacation to Gatlinburg and Chattanooga, Tennessee, for which I’ll be updating you with photos very soon.  Trying to make time to spend with family, albeit not nearly enough.  Not getting any time to spend with friends, except maybe a couple of hours a month.  Just wanted to update you and let you know that I’m working on a plan to increase income while decreasing work hours.  I’ll let you know how that one goes.  😉

I will try to make some time to return emails to my buddies who have emailed me, and will try to make the time this upcoming weekend to do an actual blog post about our goings on as of late.  So sorry I have not been current and posting as I know I should.  It is still important to me and I will try to get better at updating regularly.

I know.  Excuses…  Excuses…


Oh, and while you wait, and since you have been so patient with me, I will reward you with one of my latest photos.  These are Fennec Foxes.  These are some of the cutest furry creatures I have ever seen!  If any of you have ever read the Skippyjon Jones books, he might come to mind when you look at these sweet babies!!  I’m in my 40s and still read those funny books!!!  Of course, I got them when Hallie was little and we read them together (while, of course, using our Spanish Baby Hero voices) and they were so gut-busting hilarious, any time I need some laughter, I go read one out loud, and yes, using my Spanish Baby Hero voice.

I hope and trust that all of you are doing fantastically well.  Love ya!!  *smooch*  😉