Are You Swamped? Week 5 of 52


Are you feelin’ swamped?  I had been feelin’ a bit swamped.  Overwhelmed or flooded with so many tasks, so many thoughts, so many changes, and I must apologize, I am straggling in to get this post done a bit late…again.  Many changes afoot.  Good ones.  Straggling on some things, but making way for new and better challenges.

I’ll go update my 101 things in just a few to the current week’s episodes.

I’ve been doing a good bit of soul searching.  More conversations with God.  More visualization.  Trying to integrate meditation into my daily life.  Doing my daily lessons with A Course in Miracles, and although be it strange at times, not understanding the lesson and what I’m supposed to be getting out of it, at least during the first 3 lessons, I’m starting to get it now.  It’s sinking in and it’s soooo cool how you can learn to think differently, feel differently about things, just by seeing everything in a different light.  I am feeling closer to God.  I am learning much and I’m teaching a little.  Who’d a thunk it?!  I think one of the best compliments I have ever received was from a sweet friend just today, telling me, “You are a good teacher for me.”

And ya know what?  If it’s just a few things I’ve learned about what some of our purposes are (for every person on this planet), they are (1) we are placed on this earth to love (and everything that goes with it, like forgiveness, etc.), (2) we are here to learn, (3) we are here to teach, and (4) we are here to serve/help others.  I am learning to live my life as though it is a lesson.  A lesson to learn from others.  A lesson to teach others.  We each have so much to offer, just from sharing our struggles, what we’ve been through, how we made it to the other side of our hardships, how we gained victory and achieved success in just understanding ourselves or a situation better, taking away lessons from each situation.  Once we learn from what we consider to be crap in our lives, we can see the other side of that once we appreciate the struggle and learn what it has to teach us.  We have much to learn from ourselves and from others. And it’s amazing when God can use you and your life to be a teacher for someone else.  So, what will you learn today? And what will you teach?

I’m studying on how to make my brain healthier – tryin’ my darnedest to keep Alzheimer’s away.  And studying on how to make my heart healthier.  Slackin’ on the 5K training, but I refuse to say FAIL, so I’ll be workin’ hard again today.  Our 5K is less than 3 weeks away and we are doing it!  YEAH!

Still practicing positivity!  This can help one just get through the day, ya know?

No eating at any new restaurants since Cock of the Walk, mostly due to lack of time lately, and lack of other stuff, plus just cutting back on spending.  But we will be eating somewhere new soon and I’ll tell ya all about it.  But not this weekend, as we will be working in the garden, getting it prepped for Spring planting!  EXCITED!!!!  Maybe I’ll even get snappy with the whole process.

Not a whole lot of time for reading, although I have been studying different things.  Perhaps I’ll share a little later.  This ties in to changing my blog, and I’m still working on this.  Not sure what sort of format or style I’m going with or exactly how all this is going to play out, but till then, I’ll just be updating my 101 stuff and weekly updates for each of the 52 weeks.

Have not been writing too much this week.  I have had many ongoing projects, and I’ve been overseeing Hallie finishing a school project, and now I’ll oversee her reaching her AR points for this term, which is due next week.

I have been experiencing more happiness, faith, believing, knowing.  I’ve picked a few of my favorite, comforting, proactive verses/God’s promises from the Bible and saying them aloud daily, and not just saying them, but feeling them.  I am focusing and believing in those promises, and thanking God for giving those things to us and answering our prayers so that it IS given to us.  If you are interested, comment me, and I’ll be so happy to share some of those favorite verses/promises.  Just remember, words have power.  Once you say them aloud, you give them power – positive, or negative.  And I’ll just stick to God’s words, and positive ones.

I’m learning more of the miracle of me, and the miracle of you.

Reading what these people/visionaries/spiritual leaders have to say:  Marianne Williamson,  Joseph Campbell, Deepak Chopra, and so many more.

Thinking maybe a new blog on spiritual development, random acts of kindness, a new life view or focus, or something of that nature may be in the cards somewhere down the road for me.

I’ve been spending quality time with family and with friends, so that’s always a good thing, and the most important thing in my life.  Connection with those people who mean the most to you, and being around people who care about you and make you laugh, who encourage and are supportive, uplifting – those connections make all the difference.  I have great people in my life, and for that, I am truly thankful.

I am surely learning something new every day, and that’s a huge goal of mine.

Still working on cleaning and organizing my house – making time for that a little bit every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes mixed in with the chaos of everything else.  I have come to the conclusion that my house is not going to be immaculate,  nor completely uncluttered and organized, because hey, it’s lived in!  But, at least we are not hoarders, and it’s not filthy, so I’m happy.  And it is improving daily.  I’m a work in progress.  So is our house.

So, what have you been up to?

Hope y’all are havin’ an awesome week, and I trust the rest will be spectacular!!  Love ya!  *smooch*

Oh, and just like that swamp, you may feel overwhelmed at times, and cannot see the forest for the trees, but if you look deeply enough at that swamp, which is your life, you will find much beauty there, much peace and calm and growth.  Everything is not how you may be perceiving it.  There is always something greater to see, and to learn about every situation.


“Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.”

– Mother Teresa


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