Finally! A Day Without Rain

Week 8 of 52



It seems this is the first day I’ve noticed almost no clouds, mostly sunny and bright, and this puts a smile on my face! We’ve had way too much rain, and I believe the rest of this week will be clear. Here’s hopin’. Thought I might share our view on the way to taking Hallie to school this morning.
Beautiful indeed.

I hope you have had a wonderful week. We have all been sick. Mama has been sick for 2 weeks with severe bronchitis, and has coughed so hard, she’s pulled or torn cartilage around her ribs. Hallie and I missed school and work last week. Not sure what we had, but sooo glad that’s over, except for the coughing, and that’s better, so I’ll take it. I sure hope you guys are well. Keep those germs away! Drink lots o’ water and orange juice and apple juice. Stay healthy.

I made that lentil soup and I love it! Hallie? Not so much. I will have to find some recipes that she likes. She wasn’t fond of the lentils. This was my first time making it. I should have taken a photo of that, since it turned out so pretty. The recipe made tons! I have Glad bowls full of the stuff in my freezer, so I’ll be living off soup for quite a while. 😉 The one good thing about being sick is the losing weight part, since I haven’t really been that hungry. Gotta look for that silver lining, right?

So, I’ve been doing well with the 101 Things in 1001 Days. Still not cussin’, and that’s sayin’ something. Perhaps I’ve taught myself a new healthy habit. Now if I can stop cussing in my mind. I’m tellin’ ya, the road rage really gets me! There are tons of stupid people out there. They don’t think they have to wait in line to turn left, so they just skip ahead of everyone and cut off the person that’s been waiting there to turn, as if this person does not have to wait. It really chaps my hide! I wanna smack some people upside the head sometimes. Seriously. I think it would make me feel better. 😉 I know you feel the same way. *grin*

Well, that’s really all I have. Way sleeeeepy. Not been taking many photos as we’ve been inside most of the time, trying to get better, plus it’s been raining most days. Looking soooo forward to some clear days and lots o’ sun!!! Bring it on!!! And looking forward to many great things happening this week for all of us!!!

Y’all have a wonderful and wacky Wednesday and a rockin’ rest of your week. I’m off to update my 101 List.

Prayer Requests:
(1) Please pray for Mama to hurry up and heal, get well, Bronchitis and all sickness and coughing GONE.
(2) For Patrick to find the woman of his dreams, fall in love and get married. Pray he finds her this year.

If you have a prayer request, please let me know.

Love ya! *smooch*



All I See Is Sunshine! YES!!

Week 7 of 52


Ok, perhaps not in this actual photo.

A storm passed through yesterday evening and the sky was just full of these beautiful shades of blue and gray everywhere we looked.

Another crazy week, but in a good way, sort of. Hallie had her appointment with her knee specialist and he says that she needs surgery on both knees, but the physis has not finished developing at this point (it’s still open, and needs to be closed), and he cannot perform surgery until it’s fully developed, which will be 6 months to a year. She’s soooooo fearful. And I was fearful for her. I could see how scared she was. However, I will continue to believe that God healed her knees and she will not need surgery.

The appointment was based on her previous xrays from 6-8 weeks ago, plus the fact that she twisted her knee twice since physical therapy ended in January. So, the doc was just going off of what Hallie said about her knee twisting and PT not really helping. We’ll be going back every three months for knee check ups, so I feel certain the doctor will say (after newer xrays), “There’s no need for surgery, now. Her knees are healed!” God performs miracles every day. I have experienced several in my life, and I know He can handle it. So, I prayed it, and I’ll just leave it up to him.

I read The Prayer of Jabez. Great little book. This has helped me a good bit with prayer and faith, and just my relationship with The Main Dude Upstairs, in general. Of course, my relationship was pretty tight with him anyway. The book has helped me grow in faith a little, though, which is always good.

I have now made it through 11 entire days without a curse word! Wow! Oh, my patience has been soooo tested this week by several different people, although the road rage has slacked off a little. I’m practicing more patience on the road and this has helped. I’m just thinking to myself, “Well, that idiot must not have seen me in this lane”, or “he must be in a bigger hurry than I am”, or “he’s an accident waiting to happen, so I think I’ll stay wayyyy back here.” 😉

Going to make a new recipe tonight. Lentil Soup. I’m excited! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I’ve never tried to make it. I’ve had some awesome lentil soup that a sweet Greek lady makes at her cafe. I wonder if my recipe will even come close. This recipe is not mine, but I always tweak recipes I find, so I’ll make it my own.

And one day this week, Petit Fours! Yes, I’m makin’ petit fours. Found a wonderful recipe, I’m testing different petit fours from various bakeries, and talking to the creators, and got some helpful tips from my favorite baker dude, so I’ll let you know how they turn out. Can hardly wait to taste those!!

I’m a couple of days behind on A Course in Miracles, but I’ll be getting back on that wagon in a few minutes. I can see that this daily course has helped me A LOT. Some of the days wordings are quite strange, but then they start to soak into my soul and I have an AH-HA moment, and finally GET IT! It’s so amazing how your mind, brain and body can relax, grow and change with new information – a new way of thinking. Sometimes, change is definitely a good thing. Growth is always a good thing.

Prayers have been answered. Some, very quickly. Some, not so quickly, but it’s all good. I am gaining patience, which has always been the most difficult virtue for me to attain. Two things I am certain NOT to pray for is patience, nor strength. When I pray for patience, I usually have to wait a reeeeeeally long time for something. When I have prayed for strength, something bad happens, and ya know, whatever doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger? Yeah, that. I do not pray for strength anymore. Be careful what you ask for! That’s for darn sure. I am learning to be much more specific with details when I ask for something. Plus, visualizing is helping in getting those specific details across. Have any of you ever practiced visualization? Creative visualization?

We have not been training for the 5K at all this past week. Mama has to work Saturdays for a little while and the 5K is this upcoming Saturday. Plus, with Hallie having strict instructions from her doctor not to do the 5K, nor can she do anything sports related (she was really bummed, with wanting to play soccer again), and needs to wear her brace, which she is rebelling against. Oh, her physical therapist cleared her to do the 5K, saying she no longer had a dislocated patella. WHAT?! So, he’s a doctor now? He took an xray? Not! Didn’t even send home exercises to continue strengthening her knees. Won’t be going back to that PT! I can tell ya that! Her doctor was a bit perplexed at what the PT told Hallie.

We WILL do the 5K. Just gotta get to a place where Mama has her Saturdays back, which should happen in March, and see that Hallie’s knees are healed. We go back to the doc in May. Then, when we’re all back to normal (whatever normal is), we’ll get back to training 5 days per week.

Accomplishing a lot on my 101 Things and this sooo makes me smile. I feel like I’m actually getting things done. I haven’t felt this good in a while with accomplishments. Last year was blegh when it comes to accomplishments, although I did get a few things done. Still, I think I’ve done better this January and half of Feb, that it beats the entire 2012 all to pieces! Like I said before, kicking butt and takin’ names!

I do have a couple of big God-sized prayers I’m workin’ on, every single day. Praying. Believing he has answered and practicing patience that it is all going to come together. Will see it all come to pass at the end of February. We can use some positive energy, vibes and prayers, if ya feel like sending some this way. And thanking him daily, for answering those prayers. These aren’t your normal every day sort of prayers. They are the kinds of things only God can handle. I see lots of wonderful things happening in our lives in just a few days! God is sooo good!

If you have any prayer requests, just comment me, and I’ll add them to the prayer requests, or if you’d like for them to be quiet prayers, you can comment me with an “unspoken request for (first name)”, or even email me at

I trust you have had a lovely week. I’m sooo enjoying the sunshine that’s playin’ out there today! I want to go run and frolic, but alas, I must work a few more minutes, or rather finish this post, since I’m caught up on my work for today.

Y’all have a wonderful week! Love you guys! *smooch* Toodle-oo! 😉


Week 6 of 52

This was the view one morning this past week, on each side of the sky. Beauty. Everywhere. A great start to the day, don’t you think?

Guess what? I’ve gone 4 days without cussing. Today is day 5. Hope I can keep my anger and road rage in check. Oh, I’ve certainly been tested every day. Believe me! However, I have stopped myself mid curse word, refusing to finish. Whew! Nearly blew it a couple of times.

Ch ch ch changes…

I am feeling a shift in my soul, in my faith, in my own strength, trusting God more, still studying A Course in Miracles. Today, I’m on Lesson 14. Plus, I’m reading The Prayer of Jabez, and I’ll finish that today. Only 3 days to read that book. It’s quite small, but I only get so much time during the day and almost no time in the evening.

I feel like God is doing some work in me, although not sure what it is. I feel so much more restful and less stressed somehow. It’s sort of weird, and not really sure how to explain it, but I feel a restful joy? Almost like I’m excited and I know good stuff is happening, but I’m not full of silly glee like I normally am when I’m joyful. I’m quiet and calm. So NOT like me. The calm part mostly is what I’m talking about. This is not a word I’d ever use to describe me. Calm. Hmmm. It’s new, and I like it. I feel that interesting things are happening, and are about to happen – many good things. Many positive changes. I feel as if my whole world is about to turn upside down, but in a good way. Make sense? No? Ha. I’ll keep you updated as to how things change.

Do you feel a shift? In yourself? In the world around you? In others? A spiritual shift? Like a new level of understanding is going on?

Do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe God produces miracles and blessings every day?

Still working on my 101 Things and heading over there in a sec to update that. Yup. Still workin’ on stuff. Gettin’ things done. Kickin’ butt, and takin’ names. 😉

Nope. You’re never too old to change. Who says ya can’t get better with age? We are like fine wine that way. No, I’m not old. 44 is the new 30, right?

Gonna have to postpone doing a 5K. Mama has to work the Saturday we were going to do it, and Hallie quite possibly may need knee surgery. I’ll post an update when I hear something on that. I’m praying for a miracle. Hallie is scared sick! Did I tell you she dislocated her patella? She did it after horsin’ around after one of her basketball games. She’s had several weeks of physical therapy, and the therapist said it was no longer dislocated. Well, she twisted it twice just this week and fell to the ground in great pain. So, looks like surgery is the next option unless God produces a miracle, which I’m totally counting on. He gives blessings and miracles daily, and Hallie needs one, so I’m just believing. She’s wearing her knee brace, so no more doin’ The Twist. Prayers and positive energy from you guys are very welcome! Bring it on! 😉 We will meet with her knee specialist this week. I am visualizing God healing her knee, before we visit her doctor.

Just a couple of hours south of here, Hattiesburg was hit by a tornado with wind speeds up to 145 miles per hour!  Widespread visible damage, but no deaths have been reported.  Gotta look for the silver lining.  Wish I had the time and money to help those folks out.  For now, prayers.  If y’all wanna help by offering up prayers for all these people and their properties that were damaged and destroyed, that would be appreciated, as well.

I hope y’all have a completely terrifical Tuesday! Mine is wet. It’s been raining 2-3 days in a row. Flooding everywhere. But it could be worse.  I’m counting our blessings, daily.  We have more good stuff than bad. Focus on the good.  May we all focus on the good.

Y’all let me know if you have any prayer requests, and I’ll add ’em to the list, below.

Love yooze guys!  😉


Prayer Requests:

All the people and property owners injured and directly affected, and the properties damaged and destroyed by the tornado in Hattiesburg.

For Hallie’s knee to be healed before her doctor visit this week.

For Mama to receive a sub for her position, so she can have her Saturdays back. And also for God to send us a way for her to be able to retire soon.  Praying for more miracles here.

Thanks y’all!

Are You Swamped? Week 5 of 52


Are you feelin’ swamped?  I had been feelin’ a bit swamped.  Overwhelmed or flooded with so many tasks, so many thoughts, so many changes, and I must apologize, I am straggling in to get this post done a bit late…again.  Many changes afoot.  Good ones.  Straggling on some things, but making way for new and better challenges.

I’ll go update my 101 things in just a few to the current week’s episodes.

I’ve been doing a good bit of soul searching.  More conversations with God.  More visualization.  Trying to integrate meditation into my daily life.  Doing my daily lessons with A Course in Miracles, and although be it strange at times, not understanding the lesson and what I’m supposed to be getting out of it, at least during the first 3 lessons, I’m starting to get it now.  It’s sinking in and it’s soooo cool how you can learn to think differently, feel differently about things, just by seeing everything in a different light.  I am feeling closer to God.  I am learning much and I’m teaching a little.  Who’d a thunk it?!  I think one of the best compliments I have ever received was from a sweet friend just today, telling me, “You are a good teacher for me.”

And ya know what?  If it’s just a few things I’ve learned about what some of our purposes are (for every person on this planet), they are (1) we are placed on this earth to love (and everything that goes with it, like forgiveness, etc.), (2) we are here to learn, (3) we are here to teach, and (4) we are here to serve/help others.  I am learning to live my life as though it is a lesson.  A lesson to learn from others.  A lesson to teach others.  We each have so much to offer, just from sharing our struggles, what we’ve been through, how we made it to the other side of our hardships, how we gained victory and achieved success in just understanding ourselves or a situation better, taking away lessons from each situation.  Once we learn from what we consider to be crap in our lives, we can see the other side of that once we appreciate the struggle and learn what it has to teach us.  We have much to learn from ourselves and from others. And it’s amazing when God can use you and your life to be a teacher for someone else.  So, what will you learn today? And what will you teach?

I’m studying on how to make my brain healthier – tryin’ my darnedest to keep Alzheimer’s away.  And studying on how to make my heart healthier.  Slackin’ on the 5K training, but I refuse to say FAIL, so I’ll be workin’ hard again today.  Our 5K is less than 3 weeks away and we are doing it!  YEAH!

Still practicing positivity!  This can help one just get through the day, ya know?

No eating at any new restaurants since Cock of the Walk, mostly due to lack of time lately, and lack of other stuff, plus just cutting back on spending.  But we will be eating somewhere new soon and I’ll tell ya all about it.  But not this weekend, as we will be working in the garden, getting it prepped for Spring planting!  EXCITED!!!!  Maybe I’ll even get snappy with the whole process.

Not a whole lot of time for reading, although I have been studying different things.  Perhaps I’ll share a little later.  This ties in to changing my blog, and I’m still working on this.  Not sure what sort of format or style I’m going with or exactly how all this is going to play out, but till then, I’ll just be updating my 101 stuff and weekly updates for each of the 52 weeks.

Have not been writing too much this week.  I have had many ongoing projects, and I’ve been overseeing Hallie finishing a school project, and now I’ll oversee her reaching her AR points for this term, which is due next week.

I have been experiencing more happiness, faith, believing, knowing.  I’ve picked a few of my favorite, comforting, proactive verses/God’s promises from the Bible and saying them aloud daily, and not just saying them, but feeling them.  I am focusing and believing in those promises, and thanking God for giving those things to us and answering our prayers so that it IS given to us.  If you are interested, comment me, and I’ll be so happy to share some of those favorite verses/promises.  Just remember, words have power.  Once you say them aloud, you give them power – positive, or negative.  And I’ll just stick to God’s words, and positive ones.

I’m learning more of the miracle of me, and the miracle of you.

Reading what these people/visionaries/spiritual leaders have to say:  Marianne Williamson,  Joseph Campbell, Deepak Chopra, and so many more.

Thinking maybe a new blog on spiritual development, random acts of kindness, a new life view or focus, or something of that nature may be in the cards somewhere down the road for me.

I’ve been spending quality time with family and with friends, so that’s always a good thing, and the most important thing in my life.  Connection with those people who mean the most to you, and being around people who care about you and make you laugh, who encourage and are supportive, uplifting – those connections make all the difference.  I have great people in my life, and for that, I am truly thankful.

I am surely learning something new every day, and that’s a huge goal of mine.

Still working on cleaning and organizing my house – making time for that a little bit every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes mixed in with the chaos of everything else.  I have come to the conclusion that my house is not going to be immaculate,  nor completely uncluttered and organized, because hey, it’s lived in!  But, at least we are not hoarders, and it’s not filthy, so I’m happy.  And it is improving daily.  I’m a work in progress.  So is our house.

So, what have you been up to?

Hope y’all are havin’ an awesome week, and I trust the rest will be spectacular!!  Love ya!  *smooch*

Oh, and just like that swamp, you may feel overwhelmed at times, and cannot see the forest for the trees, but if you look deeply enough at that swamp, which is your life, you will find much beauty there, much peace and calm and growth.  Everything is not how you may be perceiving it.  There is always something greater to see, and to learn about every situation.


“Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.”

– Mother Teresa