Where is the Sun?


Long week.  I suppose I feel this way, because it’s been raining for what seems like every day of the week.  Hardly no sun, and oh, how I miss the sun.  I do love dark stormy skies and rain.  Just not every day.

Well, what have we been up to…  I got a wild hair and decided I would cross something off my bucket list.  I decided to do a 5K.  Crazy, right?!  It gives me motivation to get my rear in gear, lose a bit of weight, and get a bit more fit.  So, I jumped on the treadmill and started training.  I somehow talked Hallie and Mama into joining in with me.  Cool, huh?  So, they jumped on the treadmill, too.  30 minutes a day, running and walking, with a couple of rest days per week.  Only, we had a little more rest, since we started at the middle of the week, plus had Buddy in the livingroom, where the treadmill is, because of all the storms and rain.  He would not let us get on the treadmill.  It’s kind of loud anyway, and we didn’t want to excite him too much.  We’ll be back on that treadmill today.

I also had decided to do a sugar fast.  No sugar in my coffee, and I have been good about sticking to that.  No desserts or sweets, and I failed at that.  I had been doing well, but then I had bacon and bleu steak, parmesan steak fries and tomato and mozzarella salad.  I could not pass up dessert of a nice rich warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on top, drizzled with Ghirardelli chocolate and caramel.  Could you pass that up?  What’s better about eating that, is that we had 3 spoons, and Hallie and Mama shared that serving.  😉  I’m telling you, eating that dessert was worth cheating on my sugar fast.  I have decided to give up my sugar fast since I did that.  However, I will exercise restraint on rich desserts such as what we ate.  And I will eat more fruits and juices but will try to still pull back on the sugar intake.  I do need some sugar while training for this 5K.  Carbs are important to give your bod the energy it needs to keep training and not pass out.  Still, no sugar in my coffee.  I have become accustomed to the flavor, anyhow.  I do love my java!  Thank you so much, Mama and Hallie for training with me.  It really helps me to stay motivated.

I slacked on posting to the blog yesterday, as you can see.  I had planned to do it every Sunday.  Yesterday was such a blah day.  Rain all day.  Dark clouds all day.  We had Buddy inside and we didn’t feel like doing a thing.  No energy.  Just wanted to lay around on the couch and watch movies, catch up a little on tv shows like Merlin.  LOVE that show and HATE this is the last season.  *sniff*

And I suppose that’s it.  Oh, I did so well yesterday.  Went a whole day without a bad word!  Didn’t know I could do it.  Almost made it the day before, but alas, I was in a phone conversation with a pal, and the H word fell out, and I blew it.  I was so disappointed in myself.  But glad at myself for making it yesterday.  Blew it already today.

Lilly had to go out at 2am, so I took her, and she wouldn’t do anything, yet pulled on the leash when I wanted to go back in, so I decided she really did need some relief.  Then, she decided she wanted to go back in.  RATS! I was a bit peeved.  I don’t mind getting up at 2am if one of the dogs needs to go out, but she did not.  She just wanted to go outside for no particular reason.  I did not take it well and a word slipped out.  Disappointed in myself again.  So, I’ll start again today, and hopefully can go the rest of the day without one.  I have got to get my trash mouth under control.

I guess that’s all.  Seems like there was something else, but cannot remember, as it is a Monday after all, and 5:30am and I am sleeeepy.  I’m updating my 101 Things, completed something, more stuff in progress, probably failing at a few things, but at least I have a good bit of time to accomplish.  We can always start fresh.  We don’t even have to wait until tomorrow.  We can start fresh at any given point in the day, and that’s what I’m doing.  I’m not waiting till tomorrow to start fresh.  I’m starting again NOW.  How has your week been?  Accomplishing all you have set out for yourself?  I hope so.  And if not, you can always start fresh right now.

The above photo probably looks like a black and white, but it’s not.  Full color.  That’s just to show you how completely dark and dreary it was yesterday afternoon.  Early in the afternoon.

I miss you guys.  Kind of weird not posting every day.  Have a groovilicous day and a great week!  Love ya!  *smooch*



Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

4 thoughts on “Where is the Sun?”

  1. Like your story and the fact that you admitted to the occasional failure. But hey, with that steak and ice cream and warm brownies, who cares. That coming from an English guy as well. seriously hope your run and training does do well..and you succeed at that… wishing you and your other ladies well… 😉


    1. Oh, I’m really good at piling so much on my plate that I become overwhelmed and there’s no chance for success on everything. I set the bar too high, so high that I can’t possibly achieve all I’ve set out to do. I guess it’s one of the ways I sabotage myself, unfortunately. I’m working on this, however. I’m trying sooo hard to simplify my life, to only put on my list those things I definitely need to accomplish on a given day, and try not to overload myself. That said, it’s still hard to get it all done, but I guess I’m doing something, which is better than nothing. And I work on it daily. Still training for the 5K, but slackin’ on some days, which is not good, but I am determined to do that 5K! Yes, that decadent dessert was worth failure. Besides, you can always climb, ever so sluggishly, back on the wagon afterwards, right? tehe! Thanks for the well wishes! We are working on it. 😉


    1. We finally caught a break from the rain, thank goodness! But now, it feels like Spring. No cold weather. No wonder everyone is getting sick. Cold and rainy. Then dry and warm. Weird. I’ve been slackin’ with the training, but planning to get back on today. I am going to do that 5K in February. 😉 Thanks Colline.


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