Dear Santa, Please Bring Snow

Dear Santa,
I hope you and the Mrs. are well.
All year my behavior’s been swell.
When you come in your sleigh
I’ll have cookies and hay
For you and the deer on Christmas Day

There’s not really a lot that I need
For only one thing I plead
If I may be so bold
To ask for some cold
From now until the year has grown old

If you could see fit to bring
Some snow from now till Spring
It would bring great joy
For each girl and boy
It would be better than any ole toy

Just wanted to let you know
I know you have to go
You have many toys to take
One final plea I’ll make
Please bring lots of snow

(No snow, yet, y’all) This was December, 2009. *sniff*

I’m not really a poet
Yes, I know it
I only had 5 minutes of time
Anywho, hope you like my rhyme


6 thoughts on “Dear Santa, Please Bring Snow

  1. cobbies69 says:

    how you doing, just a quick note to let you know I have finished my Nano 2012. hope you are winning.. speak some time Squidge..;) oh nice poem by the way I can remember doing Santa letters for Eloise, did you also for Hallie. take care.


    • You finished?! That is tremendous! I’m so proud of you. Knew you could do it, as you have done it before. I feel like I’m winning, only because I’m still working on it, although I will not make it by the deadline. I’ve come to terms with that, and I’m ok. I will continue to work on it every day until it is finished. Sorry I’ve been so out of touch lately. I will try to do better. Been trying to write with every spare moment, and I don’t get a lot of those. πŸ˜‰ Ha, thanks. I was goofing off with the poem. Didn’t have much time, but poems are always fun. Yes, lovely memories. I did do Santa letters for Hallie. She still believes in Santa. Or, rather, she pretends to, for my sake. I tell her, if ya don’t believe, ya don’t receive. Ha! It’s part of what makes Christmas fun. πŸ™‚


      • cobbies69 says:

        It makes us wonder, at early age the kids were loving it and we enjoyed it because of their innocence, but somewhere the tables get turned. it is them doing it for us big kids. heehee. I even finished the story, am trying to do an edit and go from there. it is a romance, i surprised myself. Have just completed a post for it. take care squidge and regards to your girls…


      • I think even at 13, she still wants to believe. Heck, I’m 44 and I still want to believe. Lest we never stop believing in magic. You take care, too, squish, and hugs to you and your sweet family.


  2. udoji75 says:

    not bad at all. πŸ™‚


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