Chillin’ Lill’

A little dark. We were all chillin’ in front of the tv for about 30 minutes, so it was kind o’ dark.

Via my somewhat smartphone…


Dear Santa, Please Bring Snow

Dear Santa,
I hope you and the Mrs. are well.
All year my behavior’s been swell.
When you come in your sleigh
I’ll have cookies and hay
For you and the deer on Christmas Day

There’s not really a lot that I need
For only one thing I plead
If I may be so bold
To ask for some cold
From now until the year has grown old

If you could see fit to bring
Some snow from now till Spring
It would bring great joy
For each girl and boy
It would be better than any ole toy

Just wanted to let you know
I know you have to go
You have many toys to take
One final plea I’ll make
Please bring lots of snow

(No snow, yet, y’all) This was December, 2009. *sniff*

I’m not really a poet
Yes, I know it
I only had 5 minutes of time
Anywho, hope you like my rhyme

Go Tell It On The Mountain

that Jesus Christ is born!! He is the reason for the season, ya know? Thanks God, for sending Jesus. Thanks for Christmas – the best birthday of all.

One of my top 10 places to visit, and we have visited this place more often than any other. Chattanooga, Tennessee.

My favorite destinations, thus far:
Blue Ridge Mountains/ Blue Ridge Parkway/ Shenandoah Parkway, USA
Anchorage, Alaska (and the outskirts), USA
Montana, USA
Wyoming, USA
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
Norman & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (and the outskirts), USA
Disney, Orlando, Florida, USA
Anywhere I go with Hallie and Mama
…oh, and I just have to squeeze in an 11th – Sedona, Arizona, USA

What are your top ten destinations?

Meet Me at the Palace

A while back, I posted a few shots of pieces of art by Fernando Castro Pacheco that are on display at the Governor’s Palace in the city’s main plaza – Mérida Yucatán, México (Hallie, Mama and I were there in 2009).

I thought I’d share a little more of the wonderful murals and Governor’s Palace with you.

Some of the 31 enormous works are not true murals, because they weren’t painted directly onto the surface of the walls.

Love, Hugs and a Smooch

Stalking Carlie

At least this is, I’m sure, how Carlie felt after Hallie let Lilly’s leash go. I’m positive she’s happy to be feline, since she detests doggies, and she can quickly climb to escape them. She’s very prissy and princess-like. She thinks she deserves to be spoiled and spoon-fed, and I suppose she is. Well, she’s spoiled, anyway…

Itty Bitty Dumbo and a Child’s Laughter

Day 329 of my Project 366. Woooohoooooo!