October Photo Challenge: Pointing Fingers

Y’all just tell me if ya get tired of trees…  I just love their shapely and structured bones.  Beautiful designs they make.  How are they so strong and comforting, yet spooky at the same time?  Love ’em.

We shopped until we dropped yesterday.  Filled up on yummy pasta and chicken.  Shopped from 10:00 am till 5:30 pm.  Hallie spent just about all her birthday money and had a grand time doing it.  I didn’t buy anything except for lunch and groceries.  I did good!

Please join in with the October Photo Challenge.

(1) place “October Photo Challenge” as part of your Title,

(2) link to www.adjustingyourfocus.wordpress.com, so others can join in on the fun,

(3) comment me with your post link,

(4) post a picture every day, or at least one day, showing what October means to you. Could be a harvest, delicious Autumn meal, hearty soup, eerie fog cascading over a glen, leaves falling off the trees, Halloween cookies, a Jack-o’-lantern, cute little Halloween costumes, the state fair coming to town, a special birthday, whatever is special to you during this October month.

Y’all have a most excellent day!  It’s wonderful weather out there today for us.  Perfect FAIR weather and we will be going later this afternoon.  Yea!  And then, coming home to slow cooked Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup from the crock pot.  I’ll have to fix some grilled cheese croutons to go with it.  YUM!!  A perfect day!  😉

Love y’all!  *squish*


P.S. This photo was actually taken in January, but the stormy sky in the background and these spooky looking branches make me think of spook-i-licious October and Halloween.


4 thoughts on “October Photo Challenge: Pointing Fingers

  1. Rois says:

    Carol, just a note – the link in (4) is not working. Also this is a great photo, everything spooky is welcomed, this month espacialy 😀 . I may join you soon, I have some pictures on my mind.


    • I don’t think I have a link in (4). What word or words are you talking about? I think the only link I have is on http://www.adjustingyourfocus.wordpress.com. Thanks, dahlin! Glad there are other friends out there that love spooky! Yes, especially this All Hallows’ Eve month. 😉 Join in whenever you can.


      • Rois says:

        My mistake, but this link is what i am talking about, when I click on it in the post it brings me to nowhere, I thought there must be a specific post connected to the challenge to bring me to.


      • Oh my. I didn’t even realize I had not created that link to redirect toward the actual challenge. Duh. Blonde moment. I get those, ya know? lol Thank you for making me aware. I fixed it. Let me know if it doesn’t work. K? Thanks! 😉


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