I was wondering if I could manage to post a haunted, or spooky, or eerie photograph every day during the month of October, since it is the Halloween month.  I love photos with a haunting appeal to them, as long as it’s not tooooo scary.  😉  I saw some interesting views yesterday, but we were in the car the entire time and it was raining, so I did not manage to capture those images.  I know I have more in my archives, but hopefully, I’ll be able to capture some this week and post those, as well.  I love Halloween.  Not my favorite of holidays, but it marks many things.

October, in general, marks many special days.  It’s when Fall starts to set in, with those cooler, breezier days.  Those colorful leaves start to blanket the ground.  The cooler air entices me to start baking a variety of cookies, cupcakes, hearty meals, soups, apple pie, cherry cobbler, hot tea, and there are notes of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and a myriad of other spices lingering through and out of the house.  We start to pull out the jackets and sweaters, cozy slippers and winter socks for those chillier days and nights.

My daughter’s birthday comes in October.  The big 1-3!  😥  I think I may cry.  Not believing she is nearly 13.  The beginning of her teen years.  Sad because she should not be this old, yet.  Time goes by much too fast.  Sad because she’s sassy enough already, and I’m not ready for more sass.  Not to worry, though.  I can strike the fear o’ God in her pretty quickly, as I can be “mean Mama”, but she’s always quick to apologize and she is a pretty good kid the majority of the time, so I’m hopin’ and prayin’ she stays that way.  Please Lord?

Anyway, here is my spooky photo for today, and hoping I can come up with one for each day of October.  Anyone else game?

Y’all have an awesome Monday.  It’s drippy here, and has been since Saturday, which is ok, since we really needed the rain.  Be safe out there.  *squish*  Love ya!


Our very, very old barn.  Lucky it’s still standing…

Day 275 of my Project 366!  Yeah!


Author: Carol B Sessums

I'm a person just like you who wants to find ways to better my life - not to just better myself, but to become extraordinary and to love my life.

4 thoughts on “Haunted”

    1. Right now, I’m thinking that would be great if they did. But then, just as soon as she’s off to college, I’d be wishing for those sassy teen years back. Maybe… Depends on how bad it gets. 😉 All in all, she’s a pretty great kid the majority of the time.


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