Something Wicked

Not wicked in a bad way.  Wicked awesome!

What is it about trees, anyway?!  They are breathtaking creatures!  Especially during winter when they’re naked and you can’t help but to become entranced by their beautiful bones.  After a nice silky snow, their long, strong, brilliant arms are stretched out, reaching toward the heavens, outlined perfectly in that immaculate white, as if gently dressing it’s cold dark skin.  God is a genius.

Mississippi (can ya believe it?!), 2010


6 thoughts on “Something Wicked

  1. cobbies69 says:

    black and white is only required..


  2. evidenceofme says:

    I’m obsessed with trees and this just captures why I love them! It looks like the trees in Sleepy Hollow to me LOL


    • Oh, I totally get you. I’m completely obsessed with trees and skies (especially stormy ones). The spookier/darker, the better. We actually used to live on a road called Sleepy Hollow, back in the 70s. tehe! However, this was from my current back yard, in 2010. 😉


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