Sorry, These Seats Are Taken

Sorry for the blurry pic, but I thought a bird on each post was kind o’ cute.  This one was taken with my Samsung “somewhat smartphone” Infuse.

Wow, what a day.  Good day at work.  Went by in a blink. Went home, got Hallie and Mama, and drove back to the general direction of work, but to go support Chick-Fil-A.  Got there around 6:00, maybe a little after.  Sat in line till 7:30. That’s how long the lines were.  Oh, and my car air conditioner quit working.  That was fun.  We were sweatin’ like hogs!  😉  Nasty!  It was crazy!  But so worth it.  As we were leaving, the line of cars still went on as far as I could see.

Kudos to all of you that stand up for your faith in God, stand up for what you believe in, for what is morally right, and help support those who do the same.  Go Mr. Dan Cathy!  You rock!  And all you folks out there that supported Mr. Cathy, Chick-Fil-A, and stand up for the morally right thing – you all rock!

I hope all of you had a wonderful day, rest well this evenin’, and I send a big squish out to each one of you.  Love ya!  *big squish*  😉



Capt. Anderson III, Panama City Beach, Florida, USA – July 2012


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

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