Photo Friday: Youngster

Hallie, Mama and I had been searching and searching for some great shells, especially sand dollars, with not much luck.  Still, it was fun looking for them.  Felt like we were on a treasure hunt.

While on vacation there, Hallie had been wanting her brows threaded, since I believe that’s the healthiest way to groom them, besides plucking, and we could not find one place in all of Panama City that held this service.  So, I told her that we’d take care of it when we got back home, since we have a couple of places that do offer the service. Hallie says, “I can do it myself.”  I said, “Om, no I don’t think so. You need someone trained at threading.”  To which she replies, “I watched a you tube video.  I’m qualified.”  😉  Kids.  They’re a hoot.  I’ll have to add this to her Hallieisms.

Want another one?

So, we’re walkin’ through WalMart, getting our usual groceries, when we come to a price checker.  You know, those little machines where you can scan the barcode to see how much an item sells for?  She proceeds to run her hand under the scanner, and quips, “I’m priceless.”  Well, yes she is.  😉

And, in case you were wondering, she’s like that every day.  😉

Y’all go out there and make it a great day, k?  *squishy hug*

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