Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

I felt I was dreaming while gazing into this beauty.  With the sound of the surf and the seagulls in surround sound, the scene went along with this perfectly, and I was transported to…well…vacationland.  Calgon finally took me away.  (Oh, and sorry for the…om…tongue twister.  It wasn’t on purpose.  Honest.)    😉

Panama City Beach, Florida (July 2012)

Hope y’all have a Fantastic Friday!!!

If it’s as good as Thursday was, I’ll be as happy as a clam…with the exception of the thunder hitting so hard, it sounded like the building was caving in on me.  I jumped clear outta my chair!  I’m sure, had anyone else been there, it would have been a Kodak moment, for sure.  After breathing a sigh of relief, I had a nice laugh with myself.  😉  Silly rabbit.  Silly me.

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Love y’all!  *smooch*