C’mon In, The Water’s Fine

Wow, check out those sapphire blue waters.

Is that Gilligan’s Island?

This dude seems to be enjoying himself.

Now, that looks like fun!

I may not be a big fan of the beach, but I have to admit, the water out here is beautiful. In this scene, I was entranced and carried away to another dimension, if only for a few moments. Watching and listening to the waves and seagulls is completely mesmerizing.

Hope y’all have an awesome Wednesday. I’m hoping and praying the rest of the day goes much better than the first half. Can you say STRESSSSSSSing?! Oh, Lord, help.

Phase I of my dream coming true is complete, although that plan changed to a different path, which is kind of cool, actually. Working on Phase II now. I’ll let you know when my dream has become a reality. Nothing is cooler than living your dream, right? My lifelong dream came true and that was having Hallie, and nothing is better than that!! She and Mama are my mashed potaters. 😉 Everything else good in life is gravy.

Love y’all! *squish*


Day 200 of my Project 366