Elmo Getting In The Spirit?

I guess sometimes even Elmo partakes in a little spot or jello shot.  😉


Memphis, TN (2008)


2 thoughts on “Elmo Getting In The Spirit?

  1. cobbies69 says:

    We used to have an Elmo Muppet show in uK and Ellie loved him, we even got her a talking puppet. She was disappointed not seeing him at Disney. Saw big bird once.and all others.;)


    • How fun it must have been to go to the Elmo Muppet show! That’s so funny! Hallie used to have a Tickle Me Elmo. You’d squeeze him and he’d giggle, and if you squeezed him 3 times, he’d laugh hysterically and his whole body would shake. It made us all laugh. Just love that Elmo. 😉 How much we have in common, my dear brother. I don’t remember if I saw Elmo at Disney, or not. I’ll have to look back through my pictures.


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