Weekly Photo Challenge: Create #2

A painting in Aqua The Day Spa at the Renaissance.  I could not find the artist’s name but I find the art quite peaceful and calming.  Don’t you?  A good choice for the Quiet Room, I think.

I wish I could afford to go back to Aqua.  I need a massage!  I’ll have to break down and schedule something in July or August for sure.  If you have never had a full body massage, I FULLY recommend.  You will feel like jello for about a week and live on Cloud 9.  The facials aren’t too bad, either.  😉

Y’all go out and have yourselves a beauoooootiful Sunday.  Try to not get too hot.  It was a scorcher out there yesterday, but that Chai Tea Frappe made me feel all better.  Nom nom.

Oh, and I apologize, since this pic was also taken with my ex (iphone) several months ago.  My new Samsung Infuse takes much better, less grainy photos.  Although, I prefer my digital cam.

Love ya!  *squishy hug*



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