Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

I meant to post this yesterday, but never found the time to.  Does it still count?  Or should I have titled it ‘Yesterday’?

This was en route home.  I was wondering what the hold up was.  This particular truck was on the interstate while this little old lady in a small car was driving wayyyy far back behind it.  Bless her.  I suppose her eyes were deceiving her, thinking the door was actually open.  😉  Interesting idea to paint this on the back.  Anyway, I whipped around the lady, followed this vehicle to my exit and snapped a shot.

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots and interpretations, the Weekly Photo Challenge posts a new theme every Friday, and is led by The Daily Post.  Check it:


Hope y’all are having a beautiful day out there today.  It’s not too hot here.  Yesterday was sooo perfect, high of 76.  Today it’s 84, but not in the 90’s or 100, so I’ll take it!  Y’all get out there and enjoy your day.  Breathe in and take in the fragrances.  Exhale and gaze upon the beauty that’s around you.  Even if it’s just the sky.  There’s beauty everywhere, if ya just look for it.

Love ya!  *smooch*



Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today”

    1. ha! Yeah, I had to do a double-take, as well. I saw it way up there in traffic and thought, “Surely not! That can’t really be an open door, right?” So, the closer I got, I noticed it was actually art, but that poor old lady thought it was real. 😉 Thanks!


    1. Thanks!

      lol! Right you are. Tons of people were looking at that truck. Traffic wasn’t too bad, surprisingly enough, but that old lady was going mighty slow and the look on her face was sheer confusion and horror. Bless her. I wonder if she felt any better once I got in front of her. Yeah, I saw everyone in their vehicles looking at it. Some were confused as if it was really open, and others were pointing and smiling.


  1. Don’t feel bad, Carol. It took me two days to answer the challenge of ‘today’. So posting a day late is forgivable, I’m sure. 😉 Hope the weather’s holding out for you again TODAY. 🙂


    1. It’s pretty warm again. Blegh! Friday and Saturday were nice, though. I’ll just try to stay indoors as much as possible till Some cooler weather passes through again. Hope you are well and enjoying your weather.


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