A-Z Archive: T! Challenge

I know I’m late.  Story of my life ever since I was born 3 weeks late.  Been late ever since.  Oh well.  Here it is anyway.  My entry for the “T” theme:


Hallie was holding Sammy, but now she has Carlie. As you can see, Sammy isn’t too happy about it.

When he was around, he was very sweet (most of the time), but also very spoiled and when you love on him, no one else should exist. He was growling, “Put her down this instant! It’s ME time!”

Yeah, ole Sammy moved away a couple o’ years ago. I did some painting on the interior of the house and remodeling of floors and such and he hasn’t cared for us since. Some cats adapt to change well, while others will not tolerate any sort of change.

He does come by to pay us a visit every few months, though. Funny thing. He just comes by for about 5 minutes, let’s us give him the once over and he’s gone again. Weird, right? I’m sure someone is taking really good care of him, because he’s nice and plump. 😉 Sweet that he doesn’t want us to worry.

If you’d like to join us in this entertaining weekly challenge, or see more amazing shots, the A-Z Archive is led by frizztext:


Hope y’all have had an amazingly beautiful day!  I enjoyed watching the rain fall sideways.  It was sooo windy!  Now that it’s almost time to leave work (yes, I’m caught up for the moment), the rain stopped, not like yesterday.  Torrential downpour as I was leaving, I got soaked, seeing as I left my umbrella in the car (right?!), and once I got in the car, pea-sized hail started slamming down.  Skeeered meee to deaf (as Hallie used to say).   🙂   Aw, I miss those days when she said the cutest things like that.  She still says some pretty cute things, though.  Y’all have a great night, k?  *hug*

Oh, and if you need more cute Hallie-isms:  “I think I’m going death.  I can’t hewe a thing.”

“One, two, flea, fowa, pive, six, seben, eight, nine, teein.”  Oh and when she’d count the teens, she’d always skip sixteen.  She really didn’t like that number.

“Mama, I wanna particerate in that.”

“Ok, I juss don’t undewstand.  You need to be mowa pacific.”  tehe!

And my personal favowite:  “I pwedge awegiance to da fwag, of de United States of Amewica.  And to de pubwic, fowa undewstands, one nation undew God, invisible, and dis is fowa awe.”  When I figure out how to apply an audio to my blog, I’ll let you listen.  I have her on tape.

I love that baby so much it hurts!

– Carol


Author: Carol B Sessums

Writer, Editor, Coffee Addict, Lover of Mountains. Lives to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time.

6 thoughts on “A-Z Archive: T! Challenge”

  1. One of my Ellies words that caused her ‘ploblems’ she would say I don’t have a ploblem with saying ploblem. nice post Carol enjoy your little stories, 😉


    1. Awww! She is sooooo cute!!! I love that, “I don’t have a ploblem with saying ploblem.” They are soo squishable! I hope you got that on tape. I love those memories that you can listen to. It feels like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it?

      I remember Hallie’s best friend when she was 4 – Alex. He’d introduce her as his girlfriend and she’d introduce him as her best friend. He’d call her Howie, because he couldn’t pronounce his L’s either. She’d get irked at him, demanding, “My name is now Howie! It’s Howie!” lol! Poor little Alex would look at her with puppy eyes, while hanging his head down just a bit, sadly saying, “That’s what I said. *sniff*” 🙂 Bless those precious babes!


    1. lol. Sammy was certainly jealous. Carlie never gets mad, except at Tiger, since he’s the bully and is always pinning her down to the ground. She’s a girlie girl and doesn’t appreciate that one bit. Besides being a little priss around Buddy, she’s quite laid back and only wants you to love on her 24/7. She’d be quite content with being touched and rubbed on constantly and will nudge your hand if you stop. Sammy did not appreciate having to share Hallie with Carlie, nor Tiger. He was a bit selfish when it came to attention-getting. Nevertheless, he was a cool cat. He minded much like a dog obeys. He’d come when his name was called and when I’d say something to him, he did what I asked. So uncat-like. I’d run water in the tub for a leisurely bath, and he’d come in there, stand up against the tub, stick his arm in the water and swish it back and forth, and sometimes splash it with his paw. He loved water, and he’d get out in the rain and get soaked. Crazy little boy, but always made me smile. 😉


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